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NuWave oven
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Ned 05-May-18
Riverwolf 05-May-18
stick n string 06-May-18
Knife2sharp 06-May-18
Topgun 30-06 06-May-18
No Mercy 08-May-18
From: Ned
So Lately I’ve been cooking all our venison in a NuWave oven, and boy does it come out good. Venison is easy to overcook and dry out, but not with this thing. Has anyone else cooked with one of these ?

From: Riverwolf
Like the "concept" , but never tried one yet . Good to hear , but....we need pics ! ;^)

U talkin bout the new pressure cookers?

From: Knife2sharp
Been using them or competitors for 16 years. I have one from Walmart now with a glass bowl. Those plastic domes will eventually crack. I use mine almost daily and use it for all my meat cooking and I rarely use my grill. I can't live without one and I'm on about my sixth one, since the dome either cracks or the digital unit craps out. But this current one from Wally World has knobs/dials instead of buttons.

From: Topgun 30-06
The NuWave is all I've used to cook meat and fish for quite a few years now. It's nice to set the timer for about the time needed and then check the meat and add a little more time, if needed, so it doesn't overcook and dry stuff out. I also have one up north at the hunting cabin that doesn't get used much and I'm going to swap them while I'm up there turkey hunting this week because the plastic dome on the one down here is starting to crack, but will be fine for occasional use up there.

From: No Mercy
YES!! We cook most of our meals in an Air Fryer now. Everything just seems to taste better

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