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Pronghorn horn growth???
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Going to cash in all my Colorado points for a good tag...I have lots of experience in hunting them and have not really been able to tack down their rate of growth over the summer...i saw a chart once...but remember thinking I did'nt think it was accurate...I was out this weekend poking around and saw some decent ones...but do they add 2-3 6-8 inches??? I know it is hard to say...the tops are done and grow over the winter....any thoughts on how it unfolds ???

From: fubar racin
I'm not sure how much more growth they will have i dont think a bunch. Seen an absolute giant friday in Colorado. What unit will you be hunting?

From: StickFlicker

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Here's an article on antelope horn growth from Guy Eastman.

Stick those are some toads in your pictures wow.........kinda knew what was in the article...but just wondering know on and average if May 1st you have a 13 inch buck likely he will add so much.....seems like I saw a visual spreadsheet someplace along the way....

From: Surfbow
I don't know the science either, but there's at least one up near Larkspur that is an absolute monster already with some of the longest horns I think I've ever seen.

Surf bow that sounds cool but sounds like they might be more done that I would hope already????.....looking for a gagger like that !!!!

From: jims
I've already seen some pretty good horn length and prongs on several bucks. Horn growth should be around 90% done by the 4th of July.

From: Fuzz
Nice article... learned quite a bit!

Not just here but getting some real mixed views from people who are wise in such things. I also have been looking at them for 45 years...some say pretty much done now...others not until August... just going to start drilling down to find "the one" (and a couple backups) about the end of July

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