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Who makes tick treated clothing?
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bighorn 06-May-18
Trial153 06-May-18
Cocoon Man 06-May-18
JTV 06-May-18
Glunt@work 06-May-18
Jaquomo 06-May-18
TreeWalker 06-May-18
BULELK1 07-May-18
elkstabber 07-May-18
Dollar 07-May-18
Buffalo1 07-May-18
Mark Watkins 08-May-18
carcus 08-May-18
Dollar 08-May-18
Mpdh 08-May-18
kellyharris 10-May-18
Ironbow 11-May-18
gottoohunt 16-May-18
LBshooter 16-May-18
From: bighorn
who makes tick treated clothing? what companies?

From: Trial153
Never looked into it. I have however treated clothing I owned with sawyers and had decent results.

From: Cocoon Man
Check Insect Shield they treat clothing for the clothing manufactures and will list their partners.

Insect Shield will also treat your own clothing , I sent all my black inside the blind clothing and several pair of pants and socks in to be treated. Good for 70 washings. A lot cheaper than buying new stuff, besides I can't find treated clothes that I like as much as what I already had. Just check the Insect Shield we site for more detailed info.

From: JTV
Look at RynoSkin and Elimitick ... I just spray all mine down with permethrin

From: Glunt@work
I use Permethrin. $6.00 at Walmart and its enough to spray my and my kids clothes all Spring. Fought ticks for years and now I never give them a thought

From: Jaquomo
Permetherin from Wal Mart. Way more economical than paying a company to do it for you, and works better than something treated 3 months ago at the Malaysian factory.

From: TreeWalker
Be sure to follow directions and guidelines with permethrin. Never spray while wearing the clothing and allow to completely dry before wearing. Serious consequences otherwise. I use it but deserves respect.

+3 on the Permetherin

I am heading to Wyoming in the morning for a few days and I bought a new spray bottle of it.



From: elkstabber
+4 Permethrin. You can use the 0.5% spray, or if you have a bunch of clothes you can dip them into a 0.25% solution in a bucket/tub.

From: Dollar
Sawyers permethrin as stated spray on clothes allow to dry and don't think about.But let them dry completely.I've been using it for years now and not a tick since.Don't forget cuffs collars,shirttails and waistbands good.Also hats,gloves,facemask and I spray my vest and a few others. Literally not a tick in years since using this product alone.You might see one every now and then but they'll leave asap once they come in contact with treated clothing.

From: Buffalo1
+5 permethrin is the real deal.

From: Mark Watkins
A great reminder thread....ticks (and Lymes) nothing to mess with.


From: carcus
Wondering if they will ship permethrin into Canada, cant seem to find anything here! Put the bear baits out Sunday and probably picked off 50 of those bastards!!

From: Dollar
Try a feed and seed or horse supply should all have permethrin in small bottles.Just dilute and spray let dry.

From: Mpdh
32oz bottle of 10% permethrin from Tracktor Supply and a 24oz spray bottle from the dollar store. Mix 1 oz of the permethrin with 19 oz water to get .5 percent. Shake to mix and spray clothes and let them dry. Same as the Sawyer stuff but much cheaper.

From: kellyharris
Permethrin works great and will last for about 6 washings.

We have a porta john at camp. It always would be covered in spiders and wasp nest. I started spraying the interior wall where it meets the ceiling and whallaaa no more bugs of any type in the porta john. I only spray it once per year.

From: Ironbow
Sprayed my clothes with Permethrin and let dry before hanging stands last fall. Found a tick embedded in my chest, but he was dead. I am thinking he got on my neck and went down into my chest where the treated clothing finished him off. I won't go to the woods anymore without it.

From: gottoohunt
I also use Permethrin and was wondering if while wearing the treated clothing and you get caught in a rain storm will it cause any ill effects to the person wearing the clothing? Gottoohunt

From: LBshooter
Guys , it takes 24 hours for a tick to embed itself, so if you take the time to check yourself each time comming out of the field you should be good. Store your clothes in some cedar wood chips and if you don't mind wearing toxins on your body then go with permethrin. They have a clothing line that ticks can't stay on, the name escapes me, but if you look you'll find it.

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