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Drew CO G12!!
Mountain Goat
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PoudreCanyon 06-May-18
TXCO 07-May-18
publichunter1 07-May-18
cnelk 07-May-18
sticksender 07-May-18
PoudreCanyon 07-May-18
HighCountry 07-May-18
otcWill 08-May-18
WV Mountaineer 08-May-18
Summit22 10-May-18
Dogman 17-May-18
From: PoudreCanyon
So I drew a G12 mountain goat tag in the Maroon Bells Wilderness are, SE of Aspen CO. Would love to hear from anyone with experience in the unit - I will be wearing out maps and CPW statistics page until I can make my first scouting trip in June. Still in shock! Thanks in advance! Poudre Canyon

From: TXCO

Congrats and good luck!

From: cnelk
Good deal Poudre Canyon! - I got your PM too

Ive been doing some research for a buddy who also drew G12. Upon converting an entering all the easting/northing & Lat/Long from previous harvests in GE, There are some that arent even in the unit.

Should I be surprised that the CPW doesnt verify them? After all, it is required...

From: sticksender
That's very normal, you'll find that in every unit for Sheep, Goat, and Moose. It's entry errors and some is probably mis-reporting on purpose.

From: PoudreCanyon

PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
Lol! It doesn’t surprise me Brad. A couple years ago I was researching S-9 for bighorns, and found that Sangre de Cristo outfitters had clients kill 5 rams in the same drainage within 1/4 mile of each other in 6 years. Those rams must have been stacked in there like fire wood:) The research and leg work is half the fun anyway, and it’s even better if you do it yourself. Looking forward to meeting you in person! Poudre P.S. the walleyes are biting - I know a guy if you feel like wetting a line.

From: HighCountry
my brother shot a Billy near the Maroon Bells last year.

PM Sent

From: otcWill
Congrats Ian!

Good deal man

From: Summit22
Congrats! I drew that tag as well. Looking for some helpful hints, or more importantly, someone else to share the challenge and experience with. Let me know either way...

From: Dogman
Had the tag 2 years ago...Pm me and I can throw you a bone.

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