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Obenauf's in Elk country
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From: Inshart
After looking at several different ways to water proof my new boots (older ones I didn't take care of and now it's too late for them) I pretty much settled on Obenaufs.

I will be following their application instructions for the "HEAVY DUTY LEATHER PRESERVATIVE FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS" gel.

But also wondering if it is of any value to then spray the boots with their "WATER SHIELD" product - - - or will the H.D.L.P. be enough to keep your feet dry?

From: Franklin
I use "Heavy Duty LP" on my leather....that is enough to keep the leather in great workable condition. The longevity of the leather is more important to me especially if you purchase high end foot wear. I`m not a fan of specialized "water proof" products on leathers.

From: splitlimb13
Never wet I hear is the best.

I've used Obenauf's HDLP for 4-5 years now on a couple of pairs of Crestas and nothing else. Never a leak. The Crestas do have a gore tex liner but they rarely stay waterproof so I'm giving the credit to the Obenauf's.

From: Scooter
Been using Obenauf’s on my Russell Moccasin Boots for years.... Only stuff I put on them, and never a leak.... Good leather preservative, and great boots.......

From: fubar racin
It's worked on the fireline for years it will work for elk hunting.

From: Mule Power
It’s all I’ve used for about 18 years. Pre season I clean my boots really well. Then I gob on a huge amount and hit it with a haircdryer on low heat. Prior to a hunt I hand rub in a fresh coat. I think I could walk on water!

From: midwest
Obenaufs is the bomb.

From: Inshart
Thanks everyone - that was the consensus of most of my research.

From: cnelk
Thumbs up for me on my leather boots

Ive been using it in my Meindls for at least 5yrs and never a leak. Turkey, elk, deer hunting and not once have i had wet feet.

From: Bowfreak
Same here. I clean and heat up boots in the sun and apply. I have even put them in a garbage bag in the sun to get them hot.

From: Lost Arra
Also a great as a hand lotion/moisturizer for dry cracked knuckles in the winter

From: TD
IMO Obenauf's is an awesome leather conditioner, likely none better. I don't think it's really great at waterproofing though. It's OK at first but although it soaks into the leather really well, it wears off on the surface fairly quickly.

I always treat my boots with it as a "first coat" but then use another product that's tougher and protects better for a second coat. Right now I like MT Pitch Blend but always looking for better performance. Obenaufs has a waterproofing spray I've heard good things about. They recommend using it after a good treatment of the LP. Can even use it on fabrics, synthetics, etc. That's next on the list to check out.

From: Grubby
My buddy jimmy oiled up his boots and threw them in the oven on warm for a bit. Then he left the house. His wife came home and preheated the oven to 450 I’m not sure who was more upset

From: t-roy
“Tougher than boot leather” takes on a whole new meaning!! ;-)

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