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New Mexico Tag Question
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stickman 09-May-18
HDE 09-May-18
smarba 09-May-18
From: stickman
Does anybody know if you can buy 2 landowner bull elk tags for different seasons and harvest 2 bulls in the same year?

From: HDE
As an individual, nope. Two different people, yep.

From: smarba
A LO authorization is just the documentation that allows you to get a tag from NMDGF. You can purchase as many LO authorizations as you can afford. But you cannot purchase more than 1 tag from NMDGF for any species for a given year (not calendar year, but April 1-March 31).

So no, you are not allowed to posess more than 1 tag or kill more than one animal of any species with very limited exceptions: 2 spring turkeys; unlimited offrange ibex - like you have a chance at finding any; 2 mountain lions. I think that's it as far as any species that allow to even hold more than 1 tag and therefore take more than 1.

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