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From: Franzen
After I submitted my license application I got a request for a short poll/questionnaire from WY G&F. Hopefully I didn't miss a previous thread on this... but what are those guys thinking over there? I thought it was going to possibly be a good thing about changing the preference point system, but nope. The first main part was regarding how we the applicants want to pay for credit card fees. The other parts were related to preference points, but they were trying to determine if the lapse time for losing your preference points due to missing/skipping a draw year should be extended. They are also considering doing away with the "buying period" for preference points; thus only allowing people to obtain them through the draw.

I about stopped and walked away from my computer before I was done, but I ended up letting them know my thoughts. Did anyone else complete this survey?

From: sticksender
Didn't see that poll when I applied last month. I hope the fee increase mentioned is not for non-residents, since they already just boosted our PP fees a bunch. Wyoming is currently the most expensive state in the west to apply in as a NR. Right now it costs $527.00 per year in non-refundable fees to apply and/or gain a point for the 7 big game species.

Simple answer to their getting pinched for the CC fees is to stop requiring the full license fee up front. A dozen other western states have already figured out how to do this. There should be no reason Wyoming cannot do the same.

From: gobbler
I took the survey yesterday

From: YZF-88
I'll take the survey when I apply for antelope after Utah results come out. I have a couple deer points but am going to let them expire. It'll be a one'n done for lope and elk for me the next couple years.

From: goyt
I took the survey as well. It does not look like they plan to make any significant changes soon.

From: drycreek
I got an email, but since I'm not planning any more out of state hunts, I didn't do the poll.

From: WapitiBob
The dept pays over $900,000 on nr cc fees. You, the applicant, WILL pay those fees in 2019 so take this opportunity to voice how you want to pay them. The option to pay when drawn was presented at a previous commission meeting and met resistance, I don't remember why but it made sense at the time. Even if we pay when drawn, the fee will probably get tacked on.

The reason for changing the pp purchase option is because the majority of customers can't quite figure out how a preference point works, when it works, nor how to pay for it. The solution is to remove all options so that customer doesn't have to think. I believe the preferred option is to eliminate the ability to buy a point when you apply, making the late date "point only" sale, the only option. This eliminates the "is my point good for this year" confusion.

The survey was emailed to nr customers and probably ends up in most junk folders as it's not a standard wyoming game email addy.

From: Z Barebow
I filled out the e-mail survey.

RE CC Fees. Per WB comments, I can read in between the lines. G&F will be recouping cc fees. It is just a matter of how. My personal preference is charge full license + cc fee up front. Refund license fee minus cc fee when I don't draw. This is from an old guy who has a hunting fund set aside to cover app fees.

RE PP Fee option. Leave it alone. Don't worry about the low information applicant. A certain # will mess up a wet dream, no matter the process. Every state has it's nuances regarding PP/bonus point purchasing. If you haven't figured PP process out, you will likely figure out when you make a mistake. Pain is a wonderful teacher.

From: sticksender
It has been my assumption that the unspoken reason for the unusually high charge for PP's for non-residents (example 150.00 now for sheep, previously 7.00 not that long ago) was to cover their CC fees. This extra charge has been an unexplained practice by WYGFD, perhaps because it is a touchy subject with the CC provider banks. Generally a merchant is not allowed to charge an extra fee to customers for their use of a credit card. That's why for example, when you go to a Sears store and buy a new home appliance, they charge you the same amount whether you use a credit card or pay cash.

If making up for merchant fees was never the reason for the abnormally high "point fee", then I would be curious to hear the underlying rationale for it. It is difficult to find a legitimate or justifiable reason to charge 150.00 for a preference point, in addition to the 15.00 application fee, other than the unspoken reason of trying to make up for card fees. The preference point, unlike a non-resident hunting license, fishing license, or wildlife habitat fee, does not have any intrinsic value or practical use, nor does it require any significant additional cost to manufacture by the provider, WYGFD.

So going forward, if the powers-that-be at WYDFG are now going to say that, in addition to the high charge for points (higher than any other western state by a factor of 3X) that they now must impose a separate fee to make up for their banking fees, then I have to say something stinks in the cookhouse. Instead of blatantly charging "convenience fees", IMO the PP fee should be replaced with a requirement to purchase a NR hunting license, habitat fee, or some such. At least put a smattering of logic into the official line.

From: WapitiBob
The CC fee was never mentioned when the Sheep/Moose point went to $150. One Commissioner, at the last minutes of the meeting, mentioned the fee could be raised and that those NR hunters were not an "average" hunter and could easily afford the max, $150. Two minutes later that max fee was voted in.

When the Legislature pulled funds from the Dept, Jean Cole and others started looking at ways to cut the bleeding. CC fees were a good place to start.

From: TD
What.... they didn't add "environmental disposal" or "hazmat" charges on to the bill too?

Clear to see those who have spent their lives in the public sector vs private sector. If any of those who are adding on cc fees on top of the normal pricing shopped at a place that did so whenever they used their card they would be walking out of the store spitting mad, likely never to return. And would likely STILL think what THEY were doing was just fine.....

Just give the price and quit the nickle and dime crap. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth..... hammered once and then picking at the scab....

If they don't want to foot all the cc fee bills, then it only seems logical to do what so many other states do and not require the fee up front. Especially when most will not draw.

From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's Link
The app fee only proposal, about the 27: minute mark with discussion after going to the 2: hour mark. Worth a listen.

From: DonVathome
I took it. They also sent a survey a few years ago that was clearly geared towards maximizing revenue from NR

From: TEmbry
I'm not sure which state's system I like best. Wyoming is for sure my least favorite. Their nonrefundable fees are higher than any other that I know of if you apply for the OIL type species.

I too thought their highway robbery on purchasing points was to recoup the CC fees they incur on tags.

Seeing these numbers states make in revenue off of a draw sure makes an Alaskan resident scratch his head on why our Board of Game has our system structured in the current fashion.

From: TreeWalker
Applicants have gotten a free ride on website use as well. Let's see, charge each Resident a nickel and each NR $15.00 since, you know, NR use $100 bills to wipe up kitchen spills.

Need to start sending snail mail as "postage due."

Want to talk to biologist? Sure, would you like the Gold or Platinum consulting plan option for that?

Need to put the draw stats behind a paywall that is $2 a month or for just $12 can prepay for the annual plan.

Almost forgot, need to get that hiking fee in place and the parking pass and make toilets $5 per use at state sites with the door set to automatically fly open after 5 minutes. Toilet paper and hand towels are 50 cents per piece.

Amazing how much revenue F&G is just leaving on the table. Heck, WY can start funding schools from the surplus about to roll in once the fees are put in place.

Whatever they finally decide to do is fine by me.

I am just thankful for the opportunity to enjoy Wyoming.



From: sticksender
They did send me a survey by email on Friday. Anyone else get one in the last couple days?

From: Inshart
Yup, just got mine today - 2:32 PM ..... do they work on Sunday afternoon???

From: Lost Arra
Received survey today. I also received a free lesson in species with preference points. I only hunt elk in Wyoming so I missed that question but they gave me a remedial course just in case I wanted to start buying points for other 66 years of age HAHAHA Those guys are a riot.

From: Royboy
Recieved the survey a couple days ago. Thought it was funny that I would know which animals require points but I guess if Oregon had the same question I would know the answer

From: Z Barebow
If you have yet to take this poll, read the thread "CO DRAW STATS-Read them and Weep" first. If Wyoming does not require up front payment, look to this thread for the future.

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