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CO map showing kill sites
Mountain Goat
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Mike-TN 10-May-18
cnelk 10-May-18
Mathewshootrphone 10-May-18
From: Mike-TN
Drew a G12 tag and was looking for a map on CO parks and wildlife website that shows where goats have been killed before. I found the information in the “statistics” section that tells you the drainage of prior year kills but was looking for the map. I know there are some places that sell the info for $40 but was thinking that DOW furnished on their website. Thanks Mike-TN

From: cnelk
EDIT - The CPW has no map data

The other day, It took me about an hour to enter all the GPS harvest waypoints into GE for G12 - easy peasy

Mike go to the cpw web site look at stats that's where you can see horn length and where they where shot I think 5 yes the orientation will have maps that also

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