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Cancer: Round 2
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From: MuddyBull
I've been a member here for quite a while, but mainly lurked the last several years. Bowsite was the first Internet forum I joined way back when we got our new Gateway desktop. I was recently diagnosed with nonhodgkin T cell Lymphoma. 3 years ago I fought and beat NHL B cell. In my first battle I used my love of hunting to escape the grind of chemo by researching new gear, planning bucket list hunts and setting hunting goals. I've not come close to accomplishing those yet, and this Cancer will not stop me. I'm booked for Kodiak Island Blacktail this November, New Zealand Red Stag next Spring and Fall of 19 will find me in the NWT for Mtn Caribou. I love our elk hunting here in Wyoming and took a 6x6 opening day of 15 after chemo. I'll focus on that goal again as my last chemo w bone marrow transplant is scheduled for early August. I will be skinny, hairless and weak on the outside but Strong in Spirit. MB

From: kota-man
Good luck...Way to "live strong"..

Stay Strong Brother... And enjoy all those hunts

Love your attitude and go for it! Prayers also sent.

From: Ucsdryder
Best of luck! Hope you’re out there this fall chasing bugles!

From: Pyrannah
Thanks for the story! Stay strong and kick its ass brother!!!!

Stay strong my friend,,,, I know its easy to say, but the mind is a powerful thing.... surgeons saved my life last October, and I remember never complaining, because looking out the window, to the other side, I knew they were having chemo.......

I added you to my prayer list...... God Bless

From: Pigsticker
Best of luck and way to go in living life to the fullest! Keep us posted On your progress.

From: drycreek
Good luck Muddy. Fight it hard !

Sounds like you got a plan to give you reason. I used the same things to get me through chemo and the battle for health and normalcy afterwards. Good luck, have faith in God through Jesus Christ, and keep your eye on the prize. God Bless

From: huntnmuleys
You totally got this, warren!!!

From: Big Fin
Prayers for your health and admiration for your attitude and determination.

From: Trial153
Best of luck to you!

From: MuddyBull

MuddyBull's embedded Photo
#1 Bucket List- Done
MuddyBull's embedded Photo
#1 Bucket List- Done
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have strong Faith in Jesus Christ and know the power of Prayer! In Febuary of this year I was physically feeling like something wasn't right, but answered the call when a buddy said conditions were right to cut a lion track. A few days and lots of effort later the #1 critter on my bucket list fell to the Hoyt. I was one happy guy!

From: JL
Good job! Keep moving forward with your life and keep the prayers going. I was diagnosed with HL back in 2012 and still plugging away today.

Warren, you’re in my prayers. I can never repay the help you offered so freely when I drew my moose permit. Because of your help, I was able to cross my bull off MY bucket list. Again, MANY thanks!

In less than a month, 5yrs will have passed since my wife’s bone marrow transplant, so I know only too well the challenges ahead of you. But there’s no doubt in my mind your faith, your attitude, and the power of prayer will see you through. You’ll be stronger and tougher than ever. God Bless, and congrats on a great cat!

From: Shrewski
You sir are an inspiration. My prayers are with you. Keep the faith!

Keep kicking it’s butt prayers for you and good hunting.

Prayin for ya. Good luck brother!

From: chazz847
stay STRONG and you will be in my prayers.

From: trail hound
Amazing strength. We all are so vulnerable to this sort of thing, but we never think it will happen to us. You are an inspiration and we will have you in our prayers! God be with you my friend!

From: Bowboy
Warren think positive and stay strong. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good fight!

From: kadbow
Stay strong and positive, I too am a NHL survivor. You will beat it twice.

From: ElkNut1
Hell ya bud! You are an inspiration to me, give life all you got! Good luck on your upcoming hunts!


From: Shug
All the best you you.,, stay positive!

From: axle2axle
I wish you the best of luck...keep after 'em!

From: mrelite
An inspiration to me as well, I look forward to hearing more about your journeys.

You got this... Great attitude. Praying for your recovery. Ed F

From: t-roy
God is great! Prayers and best wishes sent your way. You have a great attitude!

From: Bowfreak
Cancer is a terrible thing but with Jesus and your attitude you'll best it again. God bless brother.

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Warren, Having Cancer has a way of changing the way we view life. I know it did me 8 years ago when I had just turned 70 years. I was lucky, as I had non-Hodgkin B cell lymphoma also, but not in an organ, and the tumor was gone after the second of 6 chemo treatments. Eight years free now.

During treatments in March-May, I lost 28 # and all of the hair on my body and later much of the strength I needed to pull back my compound and recurve bow. BUT I also knew I just wanted to go elk hunting in the fall even if for only a few days. Later and prior to the season I gained enough strength back to shoot my 55# recurve bow. I did go elk hunting for three days and more surprising, when I hunted Nebraska in November, with the stick, I killed my very first PY WT buck.

Like you, my love of the out of doors with a bow in hand gave me the hope and strength to continue the HUNT and like you, it might be a HUNT OF A LIFE TIME.

Time moves more quickly as we mature in life and one of my favorite saying is " we only go around once in life, so grab up all of the gusto as you can as this life is not a dress rehearsal for the next one.

I hope for the best for you.

My best, Paul

From: pav
Great attitude Warren. Stay strong and live life your way!

From: Proline
Your attitude is great! I also beat that B cell ten years ago. You have been there done that and know what your up against. Positive attitude is huge along support from your family and friends. You can beat it again. Keep living your life daily the way you always do. I'll be pulling for you!

From: longspeak74
Keep on keepin' on, Warren!

Fight on I will keep u in prayer.

Congrats on your cat. Hang tough. Know that a lot of us have you in our thoughts. Hoping you're back in the field quickly, chasing more critters on your list.

From: dkbs
Good luck with the upcoming hunts and your fight with cancer. Prayer is a powerful thing.

From: Chris S
Stay strong Muddy Don’t ever give up Keep us posted on your health and adventures.

From: LKH
The very best to you. Kodiak in November is a true adventure. You'll love it.

From: Treeline
Congratulations on #1 on the bucket list!

Looks like you are off to a great start for fabulous bucket list hunts. Cool thing is, there are so many more in that bucket that you can pull out! So many adventures to look forward to! Go get ‘em!

Hope to see your successes on bucket list animals for a long time to come!

From: Jaquomo
Keep it going and keep us posted. You have the right attitude to kick this thing!

From: buc i 313
Muddybull ,

You are an inspiration :^}

Keep the faith, prayers for you and family.

Hunt well fellow bow hunter

From: otcWill
God bless. Keep the Faith

Keep us posted and thanks for sharing. Prayers!

From: BigOk
Good luck, continue to be positive.

From: Inshart
Not much I can say that hasn't already been said - God bless and prayers sent.

Don’t know how I’d carry on but you show a wise path. Thanks and good luck always. C

From: elkmtngear
Keep hammerin''ve got this

God is good :^)

From: Ron Niziolek
Warren, you're an inspiration to me. Keep up the fight and can't wait to hear all about your Kodiak trip. Ron

From: TXHunter
Love your attitude! Thoughts and prayers from Texas

From: Dyjack
Inspiring, man! Beautiful cat too. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures

From: SBH
Prayers from MT. Stay positive, enjoy every minute of those hunts. Your an inspiration.

From: Scoot
I'll include you in my prayers. Sounds like you have a great attitude!

From: Boris
Warren, on April 28, 2015 I was having surgery in Pittsburgh, Pa. They lost me on the table. As you can see, I am still here. I do look at things a lot different now. Even though I worked for 19 years in the ICU and saw a lot of death. I never thought it would happen to me so soon. I too, spent plenty of time in the woods and outdoors. I am retiring in june 2019. Please keep us posted. We will be your strength.

From: Heat
Hang in there brother! You got this!

Prayers from my home to yours

Keep the Faith

Good luck, Robb

From: lewis
Good luck to you sounds like the old if life gives you lemons you make lemonade cliche great attitude Lewis

From: Amoebus
Muddy - the good news is, after you beat this, you will have defeated both kinds of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Good luck on your next #1 bucket list hunt.

From: N8tureBoy
Some people just exist while others heed the wake up call and live their life to the fullest. Enjoy each day and keep hammering away at that bucket list! Stay strong in spirit, MB!

From: nchunter
Your faith encourages others like you will never know.

From: Mad Trapper
Many well wishes!!

From: midwest
Obviously, you are one tough dude and no doubt you will kick this with your great attitude and faith! Prayers from Iowa.

From: uteangler
We will put you in our prayers also. Keep fighting and good luck on your hunts sir!

From: JayG@work
Stay strong, live clean and stay positive. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Aug 2008 and given 6 months to live. It has a way of changing the way you look at things. I just had my 9 year post chemo check up and all is well,, well at least I am cancer free but still am falling apart. LOL Stay positive, smile often and laugh. Be well, Jay

From: bigbulls6
Your a inspiration!! Prayers from Missouri!!

You’re always in my prayers Warren. I can’t wait to hear about your Kodiak hunt at BOW next spring.

From: Dan Mallia
God bless ya! Stay strong and keep up the great fight!!

From: Tjw
Happy huntin Man... May your arrows fly true.. peace..

From: Mark Watkins
Great attitude MB!!!

You got this!!


From: bowhunter24
Your message is another reason I follow bowsite, thanks prayers sent. John B

Wishing you the very best. You and your family will be in my prayers. Beard Collector Greg

I love the spirit! Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to hear the story of your hunts!

From: bowpackerRob
Prayers brother

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