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Spotting scope cover? Or not?
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Southern draw 14-May-18
CDogger 14-May-18
Tilzbow 14-May-18
Ambush 14-May-18
Kurt 14-May-18
LKH 14-May-18
Southern draw 17-May-18
Treeline 17-May-18
Ermine 17-May-18
jims 19-May-18
TEmbry 20-May-18
What kind of spotter cover I have seen everything from a $300.00 to a sock.

From: CDogger
I bought a nice cover for my Zeiss scope (from Zeiss), when I purchased it new. Ten years later, the scope looks like the day I bought it. Worth the money, IMO.

From: Tilzbow
They add weight and can hold moisture. That said I bought a Leica cover for mine, use it and 5 years later my scope looks brand new.

From: Ambush
Cheap cover for the cheap scope, good cover for the good scope, but always a cover. (and I have used a sock)

From: Kurt
I had a King’s Camo cover for my Swaro 65mm. Used it when carrying on the quad once. Sold it as it is bulky and the eyepiece covers caught a lot of wind. I prefer naked, but the Swaro has a nice rubber armor built in. Scope looks good after 7 years of use. Good luck!

From: LKH
I've got a couple scopes but the one I like to pack is a Nikon which fits nicely in a side pocket. Has a big cap for the eyepiece and a rubber flap for the front which I hold on with an inner tube rubber band. Not much reason for a cover and the kids will sell it when I make that last trip so I don't care if it's banged up.

Thanks for the replies. I had a Bushnell Elite that I used for several years it had a nice zip case I really liked. I recently had a bunch of Cabelas points and purchased a Swarovski ATS 65 and still deciding on a cover which may be a Darn Tuff sock for the time being.

From: Treeline
Put the swaro cover on my STS 65mm. Definitely helps protect it.

From: Ermine
They add weight. If backpack hunting. I don’t use one. But most of the time I do

From: jims
It's definitely worth a cover when a new Swaro or Leica goes for $2,500 to $3500! My 10 year old scope almost looks new when I take the cover off! It's made of neopreme material that tightly covers the scope. I haven't put mine on a scale but would guess it only adds a few ounces of weight. I can understand not wanting to haul around the additional weight of some of the heftier scope covers. The added bonus is it protects the lens from dust, dirt, rain, etc. I've never had a problem with it retaining moisture when it rains and snows.

From: TEmbry
The neoprene sleeves are a no brainer imo for such a large investment

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