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String experts please chime in!!!
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Trial153 14-May-18
So I have new to me Elite E-35 needs new strings and they have been ordered. So the strings have a lot of frays. Don't see any damage that I can see scheduled to shoot rinehart this weekend they will not be in until after. Outside of waxing is there anything i can do, can I cut off frays and than wax or just leave them on. Any opinions would be appreciated?

From: smarba
Frays are broken strands or portions of strands. Waxing makes them look better but doesn't reconnect them. Without seeing a picture it's hard to make a recommendation as to whether there is enough damage to be cause for worry.

I had always heard that a single strand is enough to hold your bow, and string/cables are made up of 18-22 strands. But this may be an old wive's tale, so I'm sure someone else wiser will chime in.

From: x-man
I have not had a string break on me that had one broken strand, but if the strand is completely severed, not just frayed, it will likely cause your string to "move" a tiny bit with each shot.

I would need to see detailed pictures to make an official recommendation.

From: Trial153
When you say a lot of “ frays “I am think fuzzing ....verse actually broken strands. If that’s the case then wax it and us it till your new set shows up.

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