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Tipping a bear guide
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dgb 15-May-18
Kevin Speicher 15-May-18
Ollie 15-May-18
wannaelk 15-May-18
molsonarcher 15-May-18
JasonInIowa 15-May-18
Killinstuff 15-May-18
DuggaBoy 15-May-18
Owl 15-May-18
MichaelArnette 15-May-18
Trial153 15-May-18
Killinstuff 15-May-18
milnrick 15-May-18
From: dgb
Just curious - what do you typically tip a bear guide for a bait hunt? I've been on a couple of guided hunts for other species where the guide is there the entire time and works his tail off so a hefty tip seems well earned. With a black bear hunt over bait, what do you think is fair? Thanks,

I think the bear guides deserve the same tip, they have done the most work for you before you ever arrive in camp. Think about the amount of work that has been done to put that bear in front of you!

From: Ollie
Approximately 10% of the hunt cost. Split the tip amongst those who help you if more than one. Guides typically don't get paid much and tips make up a significant portion of their earnings. Good guides find work elsewhere if the pay is not adequate (salary plus tips).

From: wannaelk
I usually tip 10% of the hunt cost ( unless it is a real cheap hunt, then would be a little more ) and more if the guide goes above and beyond

Don't forget the cook too

From: molsonarcher
I’ve done 2 bear hunts. Most of the work is done before the hunter arrives. Both trips the guide got 10%, and the cook got 5%. I also didn’t base it on whether I killed, but on the hunt itself. Both were great trips, but I only harvested on the second.

From: JasonInIowa
Tip like a normal hunt. There is a lot of work done weeks before the season starts. There is also a lot of work done every morning running baits and checking cameras while the hunters are sleeping. I like to go bait with the guides so I have seen some of the "fun" things they run into. Plus 10% on a bear hunt is not that much for a guide. Don't forget the cook too.

From: Killinstuff
I don't tip. I've been on a number of baited hunts and the "outfitter" had been baiting the sites for a month before I got there. Once the Sports shows up the Sports bait the sites. If anything is killed we all head out to haul in dead bears. There was zero guiding involved and I cooked my own food. Remember, tips are earned, not given.

Now on my spot and stalk hunts which is all I'll do these days, most camps let me do my own thing after the first day and I go solo. If I get help getting a bear out I'll give a thank you tip to that person. I might tip the cook if they earned it. I never tip the outfitter (they got my money in the first place) and I won't tip a beggar who didn't earn it. Tipping is not an obligation. It's a thank you, I appreciate your effort gesture.

From: DuggaBoy
I'd expect a classless, unappreciative act like that from a guy with "Killinstuff" as his handle.

From: Owl
I love a tipping pay structure because it affords a 1-to-1 relationship between effort and remuneration. But I have been lucky. My worst guide experience was having to convince one to let me hunt on my own for a day.

There is a TON of work in a quality baited bear hunt. No way would I skimp on those folks.

I tipped around 10% of hunt cost except tag. Of course I did have an amazing experience...if I ever had a terrible experience I wouldn’t be tipping at all

From: Trial153
10% is a good number and wouldnt hesitate to tip the outfitter if he is acting the guide as well. Extra hunred or so for the cook.

From: Killinstuff
Classless? Classless would be saying you are a dick. Which I'm not saying. Tips are earned, not given Peter from Texas who doesn't even know me and has never been in the same camps as me.

Killinstuff is my protest to the word "harvest" which Sports like to say when they kill stuff. Taking life is in no way a harvest in any way. It is killing. After we kill, we then harvest meat, hide, bone, etc. Moron.

From: milnrick
We typically top 10 -15 % the cost of the hunt along with a flat $20 per person per day to the cook.

Guides and cooks work their asses off to make sure you have an enjoyable and successful hunt.

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