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From: loprofile
What about a feature on the new Garmin sight that would automatically release the arrow when the electronic dot was on the kill zone of the animal. Increase kills and reduce target panic.

From: Skippy
That should get a rise out of someone

From: smarba
There are already "smart" guns that do that. And various state agencies are already making them illegal...

Arizona, for instance, just issued proposed changes for public comment and they included language that would specifically make it illegal. Other proposed changes included no game cams within 1/4 mile of developed water sources, no utilizing information from cellular cameras among other things.

From: greg simon
Hey look at this buck my sights killed!!!;)

From: LINK
That would be perfect for a crossgun. Hard to deal with a hand held bow string.

From: Glunt@work
Why not? It's still bowhunting, just increasing the odds of a clean kill.

Wait... I've heard that somewhere before.

From: Dyjack
Okay.. hear me out before you freakout on me... what about like a shark with a fricken laser beam attached to it's head?


stick n string's embedded Photo
stick n string's embedded Photo

From: Ziek
It's already been thought of. If you have back issues of the P&Y Ethic magazine, take a look at pg. 68 of the Spring 2013 issue for my article.

From: Mpdh
If you can’t handle the limitations of archery equipment, hunt during gun season.

From: Glunt@work
Or, just try and remove all the limitations.

From: Beendare
They actually had that feature at first when testing the sight....wired in to your nervous system.

Problem was it released your sphincter at the same time......

From: GF
“If you can’t handle the limitations of [ _______________ ] archery equipment, hunt during gun season.”

Where have I head that one before? I agree with you, of course.... at some point up and down the line...

But it’s sometimes hard to listen to people complain about high-tech sights or 100% let-off or electronic triggers when you believe that at its heart, archery season was a set-aside opportunity for people who were willing to give up all of the above....

Cultural NIMBYism at its finest!

From: PECO
What could possibly go wrong? No thanks.

From: 12yards
Something that locks on cardiac muscle.........with no potential for a boomerang effect!

From: grubby
I think we have had this exact same thread like 3 times now

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