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BBQ Antelope, Anyone? Arizona Fire 19A
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StickFlicker 17-May-18
t-roy 18-May-18
Charlie Rehor 18-May-18
StickFlicker 18-May-18
Treeline 18-May-18
7 Points 19-May-18
Huntcell 19-May-18
Knothead 19-May-18
From: StickFlicker

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I know several of you drew antelope tags in Arizona, and specifically unit 19A. There has been a fire through some of the prime antelope country during the past week, but it has now been seemingly contained at about 5,700 acres.

From: t-roy
What does the burned out area do as far as effect on the the goats, Marvin? Does it force them out of there till it regrows in subsequent years, or will it green up yet this year?

Glad I bought "Point Guard"!! I guess I'll turn my tag in!!!!!

Fire mostly hit Granite Dells.

From: StickFlicker
Assuming the summer rains come early enough, say early to mid-July, it could start to green back up this year. This has been an exceptionally dry year in the middle of a longer drought, however. With a little rain, grasslands recover pretty quickly. I suspect it may just condense the antelope into the remaining area, but I've seen them in burned areas not too long after they burned.

From: Treeline
Heck, they’ll be right back out there eating the crunchy stuff before the embers have cooled off. Could be better for water holing if it stays dry.

From: 7 Points
Charlie, 5700 acres is nothing in this unit. Theres lots of country left. As long as some idiot doesn't try to burn more down. Just bring your Char camo and you will blend right in

From: Huntcell
5,000 burn is short term compared to another housing development forever taking away habitat and blocking access to even more hunting area. Couple of those bigger ranches get sold to developers that will pretty well end 19A . Will trap and relocate after that.

From: Knothead
Fires are the friend of wildlife and eventually hunters. Years of fire suppression and a prolonged drought has led to the huge crown fires we now see. Before the white man showed up fires were frequent and a natural part of the ecology. They would burn until they ran out of fuel or weather changed and put them out.

That burned are will green up real nice once monsoons come and the antelope will be in there real thick if they aren't already.

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