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Anyone grow Birdsfoot Trefoil?
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Killbuck 18-May-18
BigOzzie 18-May-18
lewis 18-May-18
Olink 18-May-18
nutritionist 19-May-18
Stressless 21-May-18
BullBuster 21-May-18
sagittarius 21-May-18
BullBuster 21-May-18
scentman 21-May-18
From: Killbuck
I planted it maybe 15 years ago. Came in great but had 0 usage by deer. It was next to a 10 acre alfalfa field though.

From: BigOzzie
not on purpose, had an invasion years ago, Animals seemed to love it after the first couple of heavy frosts.


From: lewis
Have 2 patches of it schools still out had bad drought the year I planted it Lewis

From: Olink
I'm a big fan of birdsfoot treefoil. Its extremely long lived and the deer here hit it just as much as alfalfa or clover. Keep it mowed and it will do well. It's sometimes a little tough to get it established, so seed a little on the heavy side. I have some that I planted over 20 years ago and its still going. I let the area where it was planted revert, so I can't get a good pic, but the trefoil still comes up amongst the weeds. I did plant two small plots of it this spring, but the treefoil isn't big enough yet for a good pic either. I know birdsfoot trefoil is a favorite of Leonard Lee Rue.

From: nutritionist
Yes sell it, grow it and use it. It works well as a long lasting legume and i use it on slopes as well as dry ground. I also use it as a deer "wormer.

From: Stressless
Deer 'wormer'? Never heard that term? Pls expand?

From: BullBuster
dry ground? I thought it is more tolerant of wet areas? I just planted some in my gooey areas.

From: sagittarius

sagittarius's Link
This is Ed Spinazzola's take on Birdsfoot Trefoil ...

"Birdsfoot trefoil is a legume that prefers medium to heavy soil and can take a hit from wetness. It will grow in lighter soils. It competes well with grass. It grows in a drought when nothing else grows. Birdsfoot trefoil is not highly preferred by deer when other more palatable forage is available, yet I highly recommend that it be part of a perennial blend. I have observed many times in a drought, where deer absolutely do not have any fresh clover available and the alfalfa becomes dry and course, and then like a message from beyond, deer will congregate in the birdsfoot trefoil area big time. Even during winter season following a dry summer and fall, deer will paw through two feet of snow to access birdsfoot trefoil. Birdsfoot trefoil starts blooming in early May and never stops blooming all summer long, no matter how dry it is till early October. As long as it is blooming it is growing new and fresh leaves and may be the only act in town. Think birdsfoot trefoil as an insurance policy. During spring green up most forage is nutritious, delicious and palatable to deer and birdsfoot trefoil is no exception."

From: BullBuster
wow. thorough answer. thanks. wish i planted more. pretty expensive seed if i recall.

From: scentman
Where i live farmers planted birdsfoot, timothy, and clover... deer been muchn that stuff long as i remember.

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