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Colorado Elk Hunt
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From: mrg16819
I am a Pennsylvania hunter looking to do a 2019 Elk hunt in Colorado. Anyone have any input on outfitters or what zones to focus on?

From: Pyrannah
good luck man!! Can't help with Colorado, but being from PA as well, i know the desire to get out there!


From: Firsty
I would focus on the western zone.......

From: md5252
If you go with an outfitter make sure he has private land to hunt. Otherwise you’d be better off doing a DIY hunt

As far as zones, pros and cons to all of them. Do the research and crunch the numbers

Rockin R, Bowsite Sponsor. 7,000 acres of Private. See Bowsite Outfitter Reports.

From: Treeline
Coming from the east on your first elk hunt, an outfitter will definitely be a good investment. Just be sure to do your homework and get a good one. You have time to call them up and talk to them as well as check references.

Good luck!

From: splitlimb13
I agree with treeline! The OP is from the other side of the country. Is he supposed to drive down every weekend and scout. I always see people posting these types responses when an Outfitter is brought into the picture. If I was planning a hunt in a different state I'd spend the money before I'd go in blind. I'm a diy guy for sure. I've never been on a guided hunt , although if I were flying across the country to a new place you bet I would be. Good luck.

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
Colorado Outfitters Association - see link

From: Buglmin
Banded Peaks Ranch, or even the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Lots of good, solid outfitters in Colorado, and having guided on the Banded Peaks Ranch, I have seen the quality of bulls being killed there, and the Jic's are killing some great bulls, cheap!!

From: LINK

From: Franklin
Going on a guided hunt on public land and happen across other DIY hunters will crush you mentally. I would only go guided on private land unless the hunt is dirt cheap.

You don`t necessarily have to "scout" every area you hunt. You don`t scout a Alaskan DIY Caribou hunt....or a Montana spring bear hunt on berries....Pronghorn in Wyoming. Do you research....hunt hard and smart and you stand just as good of a chance as a guided hunt on public land.

From: swampokie
+1 franklin knocked it outa tha park!

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