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Montana Bow and Arrow license
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straightshooter 19-May-18
137buck 19-May-18
Daff 19-May-18
PREZ 20-May-18
axle2axle 20-May-18
straightshooter 22-May-18
BOX CALL 23-May-18
Hi! Got my first Montana elk lic. Need Bow and Arrow stamp. I have to provide Bow Ed info. When I go to that spot it asks fir “OFF LINE FORM”. Anyone know what I need to do? I can call em Monday but you all are my go to guys! Thx

From: 137buck
If you've had a bow license from another state, that'll work too. You can wait to get the archery endorsement until you get here and stop at a Walmart and go buy it then and you can present your out of state bow license to them.

From: Daff
Just a heads up not sure where your from or how they handle that in your state but i got in a pickle the first year montana did that. In Tennessee, we have a sportsmans license which covers all hunting fishing and trapping with all weapons and all species. The issue FWP had ( I made a call before going) is it doesn't specify that I am in fact a bow hunter. Most guys who have alot of outdoor persuits buy it because it's cheaper than buying each individual license and lees bulky to carry. I wound up taking the NBEF bowhunter education despite having been a bow hunter for many years. At this point it's no longer an issue but that season had me panicing trying to find a course that I previously didn't know exhisted. Good luck

From: PREZ
I entered my home state bow hunting license number and it went through.

From: axle2axle
Hey straightshooter...I just went through this for my son-in-law...who has bowhunted in CA and AZ in the past, but does not have the NBEF bowhunter certification. I was also puzzled by the OFF LINE FORM entry...but ended up speaking with Zander at the MFWP Helena office at (406) 444-2950. He told me that Montana does not use any electronic verification method to challenge the information entered in the OFF LINE FORM box in the draw application...and that it is best to simply enter the hunting license number for the state of the last held bowhunting license or tag. He said it helps out their law enforcement folks should there be any problem in the future concerning your eligibility for the archery tag you applying for. The hunting license number you provide will get them to the bowhunting license or tag you will be referring to...should they need it for any reason. Like yourself, I'm very careful with drawings...since it is so easy to make a mistake and be rejected. If that happens in AZ you loose loyalty points, etc...not good! Anyway, good luck in the draw and give Zander a call if you are still worried. Kevin

Hey thanks everyone!

Axle, thats just what I needed. Actually have my Bowhunter Ed card in my pack .so entered that info and got my stamp THANKS! Good hunting.


We got a card when me and my son took the bowhunter education course here in Ohio.

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