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Best medium to lightweight bibs
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From: lewis
Been a bib guy for many moons mainly because of my butt or lack of one.Need some new bibs for early to midseason whitetail and for elk.Any recommendation.Thanks Lewis

From: lewis
Any ideas Lewis

I’m ordering bibs from day one camouflage. ASAT in cowboy suede. I have several ASAT items from them. All have been well made and durable. The new bibs should be good for October through December here in south east Illinois

From: Trial153
You can probably get away with Sitka Fanatic lites based on what your looking for.they a mid weight, fairly warm and very comfortable, durability is excellent. Early Season whitetail for sure....they may a little to heavy for elk hunting depending on the country, temps and how mobile you are.

From: Pyrannah

From: Russell
Why not use a pair of suspenders on your pants?

From: kota-man
I really like my Sitka Fanatic Lite bibs for tree stand duty.

From: lewis
Could go with suspenders but bibs have been my go to for a long time thanks all for the info Lewis

From: JL
I'm a bibs guy too....hunting and not hunting. I use uninsulated camo ones for hunting up till it gets cold and then switch over to light insulated when it's cool, then onto a heavy insulated plus a snow camo one when needed. I use ones that are quiet and faded out. IMO bright camo sticks out too much. My heavy jacket and bib outfit is Predator in fall grey camo. Very quiet and warm.

Off topic a but. I have a pair of scentlok bibs that I love but they're are getting old. I wish they still made them!

From: Buffalo1
Carhartt Overalls - can cut the brush and will probably last about 20 yrs.

From: Shug
I have the Sitka stratus and love them.

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