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Non resident archery moose hunt in Idaho
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fatbass 19-May-18
Buskill 19-May-18
bakpakr 01-Jun-18
From: fatbass
Hey guys how's it going? I'm in the earliest stages of researching an archery moose hunt in Idaho. Hoping to get a few suggestions on different units that hold mature bulls on public land. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, then I can speak with biologists about specific areas. Thank you very much.

From: Buskill
Man, some good odds exist but I can never seem to draw .

From: bakpakr
The Idaho Fish and Game website provides Drawing Odds back to 1998 and Harvest Statistics back to 2000. In addition to the number of hunters and number of moose harvested, the Harvest Statistics tables show the average antler spread. I think this would be a good place for you to start your research.

It appears that moose are on the decline in a lot of the state. Back in the early 90s, when I got a bull on the Selway with my recurve, there were several sub-units within Unit 17, with a varying number of permits in each. I don’t think there was a single tag offered in the entire unit this year. Other areas that I am familiar with that used to have good moose numbers, like Units 1, 10, and 12, have had a big drop in available tags.

Despite the declining tag numbers in some areas, Idaho still has the best draw odds for Shiras moose in the States. I finally drew a Wyoming tag this year, but it took me 18 years.

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