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From: Jpayne
I have been out of the archery game for a few years. Got back into it recently shooting a box store brand arrows. Not a huge fan and the search for arrows is a little overwelming. I shoot a Diomand iceman 29in draw @ 66-70 pounds. Usually shoot heavier other faster, whaitaill hunt in the north east with some summer 3d mixed in. I am leaning records Easton axis, gold tips xt hunter, maybe a Carbon express arrow. I also seem to be right on the cusp of spins, 300/340. Any input is welcome. -Jeff.

From: Pyrannah
Axis for me! Just switched back after playing with the FMJs

Good luck enjoy the hunt

From: Dino
Have u looked at the Victory arrows? I've been using the Vap tko's, super slim, super accurate and super tough. They also come with weighted in/outserts which makes for a higher foc.

From: JTV
Been shooting Goldtips since they hit the market, before some on here were born, thats how long they've been around (me XT Hunters and Velocity XT's.... since you want a tad more weight, the XT Hunters are a great choice, depending on arrow length and tip, with your draw weight the 340's or 300's .. either would 'prolly tune out with either a 100 or 125 gr head/tip .... Ive been using the Velocity XT series for several years now, but because I have so many of the 340 series in the XT Hunters left (75/95's) I may be using them this season..... not a huge weight difference.... the Velocity XT 340's cut @ 28"/100 gr tip and Blazers are right at 375 grs..... the Hunter XT 340's(75/95's) cut @28" same tip and vanes and nocks are 390 grs ..... I shoot both at 62 lbs, which may be a tad over spine, and I like that for hunting and the both tune great... I have a full 30" draw with a IBO rated 338fps Bowtech and get 307 and 304 fps respectively out of them ... Ive never found a need to change arrow brands since Goldtip started making their shafts..

From: Shawn
Gold Tip Team Primos aarows 9.4 grains per inch or a tad more 340 spine and they can be had for around 75 a dozen all made up. They are a nice arrow as far as I am concerned. Shawn

Not going to see me shooting a Chinese made Gold tip when I can shoot an American made Beman.

From: TEmbry
I’ve shot FMjs for a decade now and see no reason to stop. I don’t like change when it comes to archery equipment lol

From: JTV
Hell, WV, what isnt made over there... I really could care less about where an Item is made.. if I like it, I buy it and GT's are some of the best arrows made... period.... BTW, in case you havnt noticed, China also has some very good Olympic archers also ... made in China or Mexico, I dont care, I aint changing from my GT's ....

JTV, it was just my feeling and reasoning. Yours is yours alone and, needs no explanation to me because mine differs.

FWIW, the internet allows you to buy most things you use, from producers in this country if you desire. God Bless men

From: carcus
FMJ's are the best arrow available, and the perfect all around weight for any animal in north america, and not over weighted causing too much speed loss

From: Dino
FMJ's r good arrows, but I don't find them to be as durable as the carbon. I don't like the fact that they bend and stay bent. These VAP TKO arrows are an incredible product, for years I thought the GT was the toughest, but I've found these new Victory arrows to be a better product.

From: Buck Watcher
Axis for me. Out performs the others and Made in USA (FMJ too). GT & CX are not.

From: LINK
I shoot Gold Tip Kinetics. I’m hard on equipment and don’t like the thought of paying $15 an arrow. Before I switched to kinetics I shot pro hunters for a long time. I’ve never had any problems. There’s lots of good options, it’s just a Ford, Chevy, Dodge type arguement.

From: 12yards
I've shot Gold Tip XT Hunters and Beman ICS Hunters the past ten years and both are good options. If you like heavier, go with the 300s and add a heavier head. My arrows this year are going to be 340 spine Beman ICS Camo Hunters (10 gpi) with 150 grain Magnus Stingers. Total arrow weight of 486 grains out of my Elite Impulse 34 at 52 pounds.

From: Ermine
Goldtip pierce. Awesome arrows. Cut the wind really well and hit hard!

From: Russ Koon
WV, x2. Shot GoldTips after s witching from aluminum way back when, but switched to Bemans when GT took their shaft manufacturing out of the US. Have never regretted it in the least.

I like the 340's and they seemed to tune in just fine for me when I was drawing 70#, and still do at 53# as I gradually am returning to heavier draw weight after years of lower draw wieghts regaining for and strength after a stroke. They like 125 gr. points better for me, and when I do my part, they hit scary close in the target at 40 yards w/ field tips, and carry my BH's to the same POI.

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