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Youth hunt Wyoming
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hitmanonmac 19-May-18
Topgun 30-06 19-May-18
greg simon 20-May-18
huntinelk 20-May-18
Bowboy 20-May-18
Scoot 20-May-18
From: hitmanonmac
I am looking to take my 13 year old on a speed goat hunt. Do any of you have experience with non-resident hunting? She has her gun safety. She would like to use a crossbow as she is a bit more confident and proficient with that at this time. We would be doing a trespass fee hunt on a ranch that I have hunted in the past. Thanks for any info


From: Topgun 30-06
Simple answer---Take her and have a lot of fun!

From: greg simon
Deadline to apply is approaching. I believe it's May 31.

I'm taking my 13 year old son to Wyoming antelope hunting this year also!

From: huntinelk

We did this last year, made some great memories.

From: Bowboy
Yep deadline is the 31st. Do some research or call the G&F office directly.

From: Scoot
I'm with Topgun- just go! Sounds like you know the area. Have fun!!!

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