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Mtn Lion Attack In WA
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'Ike' (Phone)'s Link
One dead, one serious...On Mtn Bikes no less!

King County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott said the pair, whose identities haven't been released, were attacked while they were going for a mountain bike ride in North Bend, east of Seattle.

It is not clear if the victims were biking together or separately.

From: Kurt
Is cougar hunting with hounds legal in WA, or banned like CA?

From: David A.
Kurt, it was outlawed, I believe.

That must have been a horrific experience. Apparently the survivor is in serious condition although he was able to escape. Imagine the mental aspects of all this...

From: pdk25
Always tragic, but there are risks involved when enjoying wild areas. Hoping for a full recovery for the survivor.

From: Bou'bound
Two friends riding their bikes in a mountainous, wooded area of Washington State on Saturday morning were attacked by a cougar, which killed one of them in the state’s first such fatality in more than 90 years, officials said.

The authorities said the two cyclists saw the cougar, a 100-pound male, in pursuit and one of them screamed. They stopped, got off their bikes and made noise to ward it off as people in such situations are advised to do, the authorities said.

At first, it appeared to work. The cougar fled. But as they were about to pedal away, the cougar returned, Sgt. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office said. It jumped on Isaac M. Sederbaum, putting its mouth around his head and shaking him. It released him and chased after the other cyclist, Sonja J. Brooks, who had started to run.

As Mr. Sederbaum, who had been bloodied but survived, rode away from the scene, he could see the cougar dragging Ms. Brooks into the woods, Sergeant Abbott said. Mr. Sederbaum later told the authorities that he had to travel about two miles before getting a cellphone signal and calling 911.

By the time help arrived, it was too late. Officers found the body of Ms. Brooks, 32, underneath a log and debris in what appeared to be the cougar’s den. The animal was atop the body, said Capt. Alan Myers of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police.

The attack happened around Lake Hancock, near Snoqualmie, Wash., about 30 miles east of Seattle. Though cougars, which are also called mountain lions and pumas, are known to roam the outskirts of North Bend, Wash., a five-minute drive from Snoqualmie, Captain Myers said attacks on humans are rare. Ms. Brooks’s death was the first time a cougar had killed a human in Washington since 1924, he said.

“Normally we respond to a cougar attack on somebody’s livestock,” Captain Myers said. “People are not on the menu for cougars. They normally want nothing to do with us.”

After locating the cougar, a deputy fired at it and it fled. The authorities later tracked it to a nearby gully using hounds, Captain Myers said. A hound chased the cougar into a tree, and officers fired at least four rounds. The cougar was knocked out of the tree and was fatally shot as it tried to escape.

When it comes to “predators that kill a human being,” the department policy is to destroy the animal, Captain Myers said.

From: tradmt
Why can't we kill human predators that kill humans?

Oh, so they were off the bikes...Was surprised (sorta) that the cat would chase them on bikes if they were riding normally...Tragic for sure!

From: Beendare
"As Mr Sederbaum rode away he saw the cougar dragging her off.".....hmmm

Easy to armchair QB this one..........but I doubt thats what I would have done.

From: ryanrc
This may be a stretch, but could it be that the prey base is being reduced by wolves such that other predators are having to innovate new sources of prey? I know it is an isolated incident but it seems that was a healthy animal treating those two as prey as opposed to some type of reactionary response to running.

From: ryanrc
Beendare, it sounds like he was badly injured and the cat had just rag-dolled him. Also, while it doesn't provide detail, I am guessing she was dead by then and he knew it. It was probably fairly easy to ascertain her condition at that moment. I would guess he knew the lion was dragging its kill away. If it jacked him up that badly and he was a grown man, I doubt it had much trouble with a female.

From: Ucsdryder
Every couple months you see the “should I carry a pistol” answer is always, yep! If it’s legal then do it.

I was in Moab hiking this weekend and carried my g29 daily. I thought about leaving it a couple times to save weight but stories like this always keep it on my side.

From: Bowhunter
This is horrible:( Maybe this will help people see that hunting them with hounds is not so bad!

From: Rut Nut
Yeah, I have a belly band in which I carry a sub-compact pistol when I am running(whether trail running OR road running) and biking(Mtn OR road). When I am hiking, I either have it in a holster on my pack or in a holster on my person. I NEVER hike, run, backpack, hunt or fish without it!

Too bad these folks didn't do the same! : (

Agree with Bruce 100%...

From: Bou'bound
Why was there gender confusion on the killed person. Early reports were a woman Named Sonja j Brooks. Then it came out a named man s j brooks. Strange.

From: Pyrannah
latest report is indicating that cat was acting abnormal and was 80 pounds under weight.

From: Bou'bound
We this solves the gender question

“Tom Fucoloro, a writer for Seattle Bike Blog, said Brooks had created a local bike community in which women, transgender people and others can feel welcome.”

I always have my pistol holster on my backpack, if I am out hiking or if I am on my eBike for when I chain it and start hiking.

Mainly for the freaking 'Pet dogs' off leash that get very aggressive and those aforementioned Transgenders-----haha



From: Rut Nut

From: Brotsky
I think the only identity that matters at this point was the lion identifying them as food! Prayers for the victims and their families.

On another note, if I'm on my bike and I see a lion chasing me I think my first response will be to pedal faster not stop!

From: Rut Nut
Yeah, I agree with that. Unfortunately, it sounds like they may have been confused as to what to do if they were on BIKES!

"They stopped, got off their bikes and made noise to ward it off as people in such situations are advised to do, the authorities said."

From: houndy65
Being a life long houndsman and cat hunter this was bound to happen in one the west coast states. When you take the factors of hunting lions with hounds out of conservation the lion population was bound to grow out of control. These states took the best tool out of each states hands through ballet initiatives, not science.



From: TrapperKayak
Brotsky, you'd be in the same place that Sonya is if you think you can pedal faster than a cougar can run. Sheesh..

From: Rutnrod1995
I cannot believe that the one left the other. That's a tragic mess that will haunt him forever. Should have at least been carrying spray. Lesson learned.

From: GF
"Was surprised (sorta) that the cat would chase them on bikes if they were riding normally..."

Cats'll chase anything that runs from them, pretty much. And when you're hunched over the bars, you look more like a fleeing 4-legged than a Big Scary 2-Legged.

" if I'm on my bike and I see a lion chasing me I think my first response will be to pedal faster not stop!" Me, too, unfortunately. Their instinctive response is to chase down prey, and our instinctive response to being treated as prey is to run like hell.

Fastest I've ever clocked myself on MTB was 38 mph - on a slight down-grade with a stiff tail-wind. And on pavement. I was Fit as hell, pushing hard in top gear, and getting to that point where you're spinning so fast you start feeling uncoordinated.

If you were to start accelerating from the time you realized a cat was after you, you'd be damned lucky to get far enough to complete your first up-shift. Add in a rough surface, maybe an incline... You'd be better off turning to fight it bare-handed, and getting off the bike quick enough to throw it up as a shield on that first lunge would be even better.

Though monumentally difficult to talk yourself into at the time

This sounded to me like an exploratory attack, at least at first, or they wouldn't have been able to drive him off that first time. Guess he decided that he could stand getting smacked that hard a few more times if there was a meal in it. They just needed something more persuasive than a bicycle as a deterrent.

I'm 100% certain that Houndy is right that this will not be the last. Not probably going to put any dent in the human population, but we may see hikers and bikers becoming less numerous and better armed...

Hey, wait a minute... What's so bad about THAT??

I bet if they had e-bikes, they could've left that cougar in the dust!

From: TrapperKayak
I think that many of these urban folk should stick to Pelotron in their office spaces, with Virtual Trail, and there they can encounter friendly cougars with only the fear of being 'found out' by their significant others.

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