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From: 'Ike'
Just a off the wall question, as I'm bored...LoL So how often do Desert or even Bighorns hit a actual 'water source'? Or is it all vegetation moisture other than maybe the Desert that they get their water...

From: jims
It probably depends upon the unit, what water sources are available, and the temperature. If there is no dew or rain they definitely need water on a regular basis. I've kept tabs on antelope more than any species on waterholes. I've had bucks go 2 or at most 3 days without water. The way I know is because I've sat on the only water source available!

What I've read about it is that after the rains when the plants have higher moisture content, they get all the water they need from plants. Once they dry out, they have to get water every 4 days or so.

In many of the D-Ram area's the rain is very spotty and can be long in between storms.

Actual water sources can be little puddles in the rocks terraces until they dry out and re-fill the next storm.

Moisture from plants/cactus can be very nourishing and of course helpful.

You all have heard reports of dramatic flooding from Flash Thunderstorms and how the desert can't handle all the water from these types of storms.

Joining WSF and local state Sheep org.s can be very helpful for funding Guzzlers ect for all wild life.



From: njbuck
I am by no means an expert but I have heard that desert sheep will water regularly if there is an available spot but in areas where there isn't sitting water, I have heard and seen video where they will break open a tall cactus, I forget the species, and eat/drink from it.

From: Tilzbow

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Cool pics T, I’ve seen video on that also...

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