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SKB Crossbow case
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c5ken 21-May-18
Glunt@work 21-May-18
Scrappy 21-May-18
c5ken 22-May-18
From: c5ken
Didn't know where to post this on Bowsire...sorry... I'm looking for a SKB Small crossbow case (7-89270-8000-7). Called SKB & they don't make the small case any-longer. Anyone know where I can get one?? The SKB 8010 is two large for my Mission Dagger x-bow

From: Glunt@work
The community forum is for non bowhunting related topics.

This one on eBay might be the discontinued one.

From: Scrappy
Maybe try a crossgun forum, it's not rocket science.

From: c5ken
Oops, Sorry for posting on the wrong form.... Thanks for the info

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