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Winter Pants
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Panther Bone 21-May-18
Glunker 21-May-18
Jaquomo 21-May-18
Brotsky 21-May-18
JTV 21-May-18
WV Mountaineer 21-May-18
I need a light and packable pair of winter pants/bibs. If you were backpacking and needed something to skip over waist down, to sit in cold temps, what would you use?

Must have leg zips that make it easy on and off.

Thanks, fellas

From: Glunker
UA has a heavy pant. I have the version before they went to "infrared". No light, are warm, make sure they have suspenders.

From: Jaquomo
I have some Cabelas Instinct down pants that are exactly what you describe. Weigh very little, compress very well.

From: Brotsky
I have the Kuiu Kenai insulated pants and really enjoy them when the temps drop. You can take them off or put them on without taking off your boots. I've done both in the snow and it works great. I generally will take them off when I'm on the move and then if I stop to glass, etc I'll throw them back on. Great system.

From: JTV

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Predator G2 series pant, temp range 30-50 degrees, lower with layering, zippered leg, fleece pile lining ... go a size or two larger if your going to layer or wear over existing clothes ... See link ^^ http://shop.predatorcamo.com/g2-whitetail-pant/

I use a good ole, hand made whoobie. 3.6 z Climashield Apex. Weighs 13 ounces and replaces my outer layer on my upper body and legs.

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