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Cabela's discounts
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Just thought that I would let you know about Cabela's discounts. For the month of May, every Tuesday they are giving a 10% discount on everything that you purchase. If you are a veteran you will get an additional 5% discount on everything EXCEPT guns and ammunition.

From: Lone Wolf
I think this is only valid if you use the cabela's credit card. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

From: JTreeman
And also I’m guessing only “in-store purchases” not online.


From: Salagi
Do have to use your card. I happened in there Tuesday. This discount does apply to ammo but not firearms or anything out of the bargain cave. They also usually give first responders 10% off everything (except firearms) everyday. The little gal checking me out was having enough trouble I didn't pursue the extra discount.

Yes, you have to have a Cabela's credit card. I have a black card. It's suppose to be in-store purchases only BUT, they didn't have the Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44-P-L BRH that I was wanting to purchase. So, I called the main office and they had it in stock and shipped it to the Thornton, CO store and I had it the next day. I paid for it at the main store but the Thornton store gave me my VA 5% discount. I purchased the same Z5 last year and put it on my .308 and this new one I put on my 7MM Rem Magnum. I had trouble entering the warranty information and they helped me enter both of my scopes, my model 65 20-60 angle spotting scope and my older 8x30 binoculars. They went above and beyond with their service to help me.

From: APauls
Cabelas service went down the pooper here after BP bought them. returns/exchanges are attempted to be made as large a hassle as possible, suddenly they can't find my discount, employees no longer have discounts for working there...prob not getting any better.

From: Topgun 30-06
All of that crap started not too long after they went public and it will probably get worse now with the BP buyout!

From: Shaft
I laugh at Cabelas. You have to have a 30% off sale for it to match everyone else's regular prices here in Utah. Other than Ammo sales I really don't buy all that much from them. Prices are better just about anywhere else. I was hoping that Bass Pro would straighten them out and make them more competitive but not so or at least not yet.

From: Overland
Cabela's used to mail out $20 off $150+ purchase codes all the time. This seems to have completely stopped. I received a Cabela's gift certificate for Christmas and have been waiting to use it until I find a coupon. Between Cabela's high prices and the fact that I don't really need anything they have, I'll just keep waiting.

From: 60X Strings
I miss those $20 off $150 cards. I used to the think they were a pain when they kept sending but they were nice. They did away with the employee pricing night for the black card holders as well. Always liked that.

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