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Weather App- what do you use?
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Hunt98 25-May-18
Slate 25-May-18
Kodiak 25-May-18
GhostBird 25-May-18
elk yinzer 25-May-18
Swampbuck 25-May-18
From: Hunt98
I have been using Weather Underground (Storm) as my weather app. I really liked it for forecast, radar, hourly temp/wind speed/and direction/percent of perception., etc... It looks like they have been acquired by the Weather Channel and now it is Storm Radar. Which doesn’t have any of the detailed information that I was use to. Only the radar for the most part (and it is not as good).

What do you use for a weather app?

From: Slate
I use ScoutLook.

From: Kodiak

From: GhostBird
ScoutLook here also.

From: elk yinzer
25-May-18 for basic forecast. Forecast discussion for more detailed.

NOAA radar app for current radar.

Windy app for forecast models and wind direction.

From: Swampbuck
MyRadar app

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