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From: DonVathome
My friend is actually looking for the cheapest trail camera he can get that could take a picture of someone’s license plate as they drive-by. He is having a problem with someone coming in the middle of the night and filling up his dumpster with construction debris’s and wants to get a picture of the license plate

What is his best option for the cheapest price?

From: APauls
Middle of the night I think you're going to have a hard time getting a clear picture. I'd go video mode. Especially reflecting off a license plate.

From: Bake
All of my cameras' flashes will white out a license plate, and they're unreadable. I saw that Reconyx used to make one just for catching license numbers, but they were HIGH $

Don't even know if they still make them.

From: Trial153
would see like a good reason not to buy a cheap camera if you wanted to fix the probelm

From: Ambush
As long as it’s very secure, just the flash and threat of being out’ed should do the trick.

From: eddie c
go to Harbor Freight, get one of those cheap solar powered motion detection security lights then Walmart and get a camera on clearance. set both up. set the camera on it's fastest setting with flash and multiple pictures sequence. or 2 cameras, mount one up high on video mode to make it hard to get to.

From: smarba
Lock the dumpster at night?

From: LKH
Roofing nails

A pit-bull and a long chain, problem solved!

From: PECO
Yep, a lock for the dumper and nails in a strip of cardboard to keep them upright, covered in local vegetation.

From: bighorn
one of those old cameras that you used to have the film developed solved a person dumping his garbage on my property, it got his plate number I believe they were called deer cams. I think they were around $100 bucks .

From: Aspen Ghost
Set up a trip wire to a squirt gun loaded with skunk scent.

From: DonVathome
Thanks this gave him some great ideas. There are a lot of tenants there so locking the dumpster or booby trapping the road is not an option.

From: eddie c
booby trapping may cause some legal issues.

From: GhostBird

From: Schmitty78
I have an “eyecon” black flash camera that sucked in the woods but does a great job as a security camera. I put it up in a tree and you don’t even realize it took your picture. License plates aren’t always clear, but a good number of them are.

From: Bowfreak
I'd hire a sniper to take them out. :)

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