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Shopping budget bows
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PapaSmurf 28-May-18
Russell 28-May-18
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bigdog21 29-May-18
Shawn 29-May-18
12yards 29-May-18
Bou'bound 29-May-18
Ucsdryder 29-May-18
ryanrc 29-May-18
Buffalo1 29-May-18
spike78 29-May-18
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JLBSparks 29-May-18
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copperman 29-May-18
Copey 30-May-18
carcus 30-May-18
From: PapaSmurf
Used to shoot Mathews Switchback XT (loved that bow) been shooting traditional the last several years, wanting to get a compound bow again.

Been looking at the PSE Stinger Extreme, the Bear Species, Bear Approach, and the Diamond Edge SB-1.

Does anybody have any specific thoughts or experiences with any of these bows?

From: Russell
I don't, however in tuning bows, I would only buy a bow that has static yolks. They are so much easier to tune for broadheads to hit the same as a field point.

From: milnrick
Check out the offerings by Quest. They're a quality bow and fit most budgets.

From: bigdog21
sent you a pm

From: Shawn
The PSE Stinger X are a very nice bow. I used one as a back up bow foe a few years. Easy to tune and plenty quick and most importantly quiet. The only thing I did not like was they do not serve the string where it goes around the wheel or cam. Seemed odd but never an issue! Shawn

From: 12yards
They don't have yokes, but I wouldn't overlook the Elite Enlist. You can get some really good deals on what is basically an Elite Answer which was a very nice bow.

From: Bou'bound
The diamond is a good set up with a lot of flexibility

From: Ucsdryder
What’s your budget? I’d look at a 1-4 year old flagship bow.

From: ryanrc
I shoot an edge sb1 as my primary bow now. I just couldn't justify paying more for a new bow. I would buy another in a heartbeat. I had a buddy looking to get into a compound from an xbow and recurve and i told him to pick one up. He did and has won a few times in a local league shoot. Both of us dud upgrade the sight and rest though to high quality ones. I can't see myself buying a more expensive model anytime soon. And if i get bored with it, it can be adjusted to my kids.

From: Buffalo1
If you like the Switchback XT, I would take a look at an Elite Synergy. Very similar smooth feel.

From: spike78
You can find good deals on EBay for flagship bows.

From: APauls
See if you can buy back your Switchback XT or another one.

From: JLBSparks
I agree with the used flagship bow idea. Don't sell them when you go back to trad. Deer will know absolutely NO difference between a state of the art bow and one that was state of the art fifteen years ago.

I'm still shootin' my 40-60 year old bows.


Mission makes a good bow that is affordable.

From: copperman
x2 on the new Quest thrive

From: Copey
I agree. But a top of the line model that's a couple of years old ...

From: carcus
I like buying a year old and always static yokes, i will never buy another floating yoke or yokeless bow!!

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