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darkhollow1 29-May-18
txhunter58 29-May-18
sticksender 29-May-18
cnelk 29-May-18
darkhollow1 31-May-18
DonVathome 31-May-18
TEmbry 31-May-18
jims 31-May-18
oldgoat 01-Jun-18
Colomark 01-Jun-18
From: darkhollow1
Anyone have any luck determining the draw results for Colorado mule deer? Looks like the old backdoor method no longer works. I applied for a limited mule deer unit and it shows I now have 1 more preference point then I did prior to application. I applied for a point for elk and my points are the same as prior to the application. Guessing this is telling me I did not draw the deer tag and the elk draw possibly hasn't taken place yet? Anybody have any thoughts on this?

From: txhunter58
It shows I have the same number of points for deer I had going in to the draw, and I applied for a preference point, so should be 1 more after the draw. Are you sure about your points?

From: sticksender
I doubt the draw has even been run yet. Sheep draw was done just 2 days prior to posting results, based on the date listed on the Recaps.

From: cnelk
Nothing yet. I still have my 3 PPs and I applied for a lesser PP unit and they also increased the tag allotment

From: darkhollow1
I could have swore I only had 7 points and now shows I have 8... Guess I will just need to be patient and wait until they post the results!

From: DonVathome
I just called to ask if there’s anyway I could change my application due to a streak of extreme luck drawing in other states this year and they said no they’re finishing up the drawing now.


This is the first time ever I’m hoping not to draw Elk.

From: TEmbry
Outside of some major fluke, I’ll be mule deer hunting in Colorado in about 3 months.

From: jims
There is a major "fluke" taking place in Colo this year with the staggering increase in applicants...especially if you are a nonres!

From: oldgoat
Nothing should really change your luck this year except in 0 point to draw units, next year it will be in 1 point to draw and below units and so on for critters not requiring weighted points, will be three years before it effects weighed point draws, so shouldn't be any flukes this year, with exception that their might be some tags drawn that weren't expected with people missing out on draw date because they couldn't use paper aps and couldn't figure out the online stuff!

From: Colomark
Darkhollow, if you go into your account, and go to preference points, then next to mule deer click on “show history” it should tell you the date you received your most recent point.

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