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Bowfishing outfitters in OH?
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brentru 29-May-18
wam 31-May-18
DonVathome 01-Jun-18
Zbone 03-Jun-18
Killbuck 04-Jun-18
From: brentru
It is looking like I will be taking one or more trips to OH over the next year for work. I think I'll be in the the Columbus area. I wouldn't mind driving up to an hour to get in some bowfishing. Can anyone recommend any reputable bowfishing outfitters in that area?

From: wam
If you have a small boat or canoe or even walk the banks there is a lot of carp you can shoot right on the sciota river down town Columbus

From: DonVathome
Sorry I can’t help more I don’t know any but without a doubt if I were looking I would look along Lake Erie.

From: Zbone
I bowfished Buckeye Lake not far from Columbus years ago... Rent a canoe or Johnboat and have at it... You're required both a fishing and hunting license in the state of Ohio to do so legally... Not sure anymore on nonresident fees, but could be costly...

From: Killbuck
You don't need a hunting license to bowfish in Ohio.

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