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NV Sheldon (33) archery goat advice?
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Dave Smith 31-May-18
Wirehair 05-Jun-18
Zackman 05-Jun-18
Willieboat 05-Jun-18
Dave Smith 06-Jun-18
From: Dave Smith
Thanks for any tips, experiences, advice, first-hand or not. I've hunted Hart Mt and West Beatty's Butte just north of the border in Oregon, plus a few other Oregon and Wyoming locations, but have never been to this area of Nevada. I'll make a couple trips beforehand. I'm strictly a stand hunter; spot and stalk is beyond my skills, plus being from Oregon, the last thing I would want to do is start bumping animals around with dozens of "blown stalks" for the locals. Can I stay north in the unit and be OK? How about camping at Virgin Valley/Dufurrena? Too far east to reach waterholes further west? If so, which is better between West Rock Spring and Gooch Spring for camping? Does anyone know the blind placement date? It has been 10 days on BLM, 7 days on Hart, but Hart may have changed to 5. I know to bring extra tires and lots of water and ice, etc., but beyond that, I'd love to know what the hunt is like, competition for waterholes, anything I should be aware of and THANK YOU and of course let me know if I can help with anything in any way. DS

From: Wirehair
Are you kidding? It's Dave, Dave Smith DSD ? Anybody help a brotha out?

From: Zackman
I heard he has some help

From: Willieboat
I hope he has some help ! ;)

From: Dave Smith
I do have a superstud helping me! I got the awesome news today that the refuge managers have decided to dedicate the whole place as "wilderness", which closes down all quad use, and all travel on roads except the highway, and the two major roads. I can shutdown anything I swear lol.

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