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Help with Arrow Weight-PSE X-Force GX
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rackmaster777 01-Jun-18
Dafish 03-Jun-18
I am buying a 2009 PSE X-Force GX model, and I am curious if anyone has had a 60#lb draw weight at 29" draw. If so, what type of arrow are you using and arrow weight. Just trying to see what arrows I need to buy instead of buying them from bow shop. I like the Bloodsport or Easton Axis infused FMJ I have shot before but open to suggestions to fit my new set up. PSE X-Force GX 2009 model.

From: Dafish
I would get the PSE X-weave 300's or Blu-RZ 350's, It is a good shooting bow but 9 years old....might look on archery talk to find a newer bow at same cost....

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