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Cleaning optics
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From: LKH
For years I've been using various commercial items to clean my glass but when able I've been doing the following with superb results.

Wash the lense with warm water and Dawn. Then rinse with warm water, do a second rinse with distilled water, shake if that's all I have or use pressure air to blow water off, then DO NOT TOUCH the lense and let it air dry.

I know the commercial things claim to not leave a film, but when they evaporate, something is left and rubbing the lense dry always leaves small particles.

Anyone else try this?

From: trophyhill
I douse with water, let dry for a moment, then wipe with lense cloth that came with my eye glasses. Works great!

From: APauls
For eye glasses I use hot water and a clean cloth. I’m always worried if hot water could take a coating off expensive optics?

From: Drahthaar
91% isopropyl alcohol is all I use. Forrest

From: Bake
Leica lens wipes bought at Walmart in the glasses section is all I use. Actually you can buy an even bigger box at sams. Cheap. Easy. Quick.

From: Pyrannah
Brush dirt /dust with lense brush, fog with breathe, wipe with microfiber

This is what my buddy taught me and seems to work well

From: LKH
There is no doubt all the above work great. I don't use hot water. The reason I went to this method when home or have distilled water available is nothing is left on the lease. The same can't be said for other methods.

From: Bake
Not Leica. Zeiss lens wipes

Dawn dish soap is considered an abrasive soap, not sure I would put it on my optics, although I have seen a lot of eyeglass places recommend it.

From: Ermine
I’ve heard to dust off dust and then spray with a pen cleaner and clean with cotton ball.

From: WapitiBob
I run tap water over them.

From: smarba
Spray with distilled water from a spray bottle. Don't wipe. Let dry. Distilled water leaves nothing behind, works great.

Interesting. I’ve always just blown the dust off and used soft cotton or lense cloth. Using water and soap would freak me out a little I think.

From: WapitiBob
Good optics are waterproof.

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