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Hi altitude fuel/stoves???
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LKH 02-Jun-18
Paul@thefort 03-Jun-18
WapitiBob 03-Jun-18
hawkeye in PA 03-Jun-18
LKH 03-Jun-18
sticksender 03-Jun-18
From: LKH
Will be camping above 12k. First time? Will propane work well? What's a good white gas stove, modest weight and price?

From: Paul@thefort
First, "camping at 12 k." Question, what are you hunting?

From: WapitiBob
My jetboil worked just fine at over 11K in Utah.

Can't help you at 12k, haven't had any problems at 10k with either canister or liquid fuel in my MSR stoves.

From: LKH
If successful, will be early rifle deer 74.

From: sticksender
The propane/butane mix fuel canisters will burn just fine at altitude. One difference is that water boils at about 188 degrees F at that elevation, instead of the normal 212 F boiling point near sea level. Shouldn't matter much for standard camping tasks.

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