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JImmy tarps game bags?
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WYelkhunter 03-Jun-18
WV Mountaineer 03-Jun-18
From: WYelkhunter
Does anyone here use these? If so does a boned out elk quarter fit in one? they seem small.

I don't use his. I make my own. But, in his set of five bags, a whole rear quarter deboned will easily fit in the bags dimensions. He advertises less weight then you could get in them. I don't know if he does that because of the cordage he uses, if it's the polyester he uses, or if he is just being conservative. I suspect it is due to the polyester. Which stretches much less then nylon. Making it much more apt to tear under stress. One thing I am certain of, he makes good quality stuff. So, believe what he says about them. God Bless

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