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Best CO elk unit
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Inshart 03-Jun-18
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From: Inshart
Didn't want to take the thunder out of "comulies" regurgitated post on the "Best WY unit", so figured I better start my own.

So here it is, you heard it first here........ I heard from a friend of a 3'rd cousin that the Washington Post said that Rosie O'Donnell, drew the best tag available for CO Elk and she is going to contact comulies to see if he will assist her.

Now I'm not say'n it's 100% fact because I've heard that they sometimes print fake news..... Just say'n........ :)

From: LKH
Nope, it's going to be Donald. With his super, "live to be 200" (ask the admiral) body, he'll be able to take to the highest mountains with ease.

From: Trophy8
Best CO elk unit? The one I'm hunting in this year.....I'm not from CO so I can be trusted...:)

From: PECO
Big bulls behind every tree in every Colorado OTC GMU. The draw units are a scam.

From: ColoBull
The "best unit" is any one I'm NOT in. Every year we head to "our" regular OTC unit, hoping it hasn't been discovered and overrun. It's not until we round the last corner, and find "our" road camp site vacant, that those jitters go away.

OTC it’s units 85,83

From: ohiohunter
And I always thought OTC 76 was the best

unit 114

Very subjective of course. But there are some very big bulls in 83,85 due to the well managed private ranches. BUT! There are enough small pockets of Govt land. And actually enough affordable land next to these ranches to make early bow season pretty good. From Walsenburg west to Ft Garland and all the way to NM. Trinidad, Cuchara areas. Gets hunted but not like many units.

From: elkmo

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