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Alps Backpacks?
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Sling Shot 03-Jun-18
WV Mountaineer 03-Jun-18
Dyjack 03-Jun-18
Dafish 03-Jun-18
From: Sling Shot
Has anyone had any experience with the Alps Extreme Pursuit X? I am considering one for an upcoming elk hunt. I am currently using a Tensing pack that has 1500 cubic inches. It was a tad small even though all I need is a day pack. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

For a day pack with the ability to haul a first load, it will do a fine job

From: Dyjack
Solid day pack. I used the original pursuit for 4 years. Still have it in my garage I think. It's all patched together with fishing line and duct tape lol. It was a good pack.

I use a Badlands 2200 now as my primary pack. It's good all around. And can carry a camp if I want to pack in. I recommend checking it out as well.

From: Dafish
I have the pursuit, use it as a fanny but can carry a quarter elk out with ease, well depends if front or hind quarter, one is easier then the other

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