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Bug spray
Whitetail Deer
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HunterDon 03-Jun-18
Don K 03-Jun-18
Lost Arra 03-Jun-18
Ermine 04-Jun-18
mgmicky 05-Jun-18
From: HunterDon
I am looking for bug spray to put on hunting clothes. I found Sawyer permethrim spray. Great reviews but cant find anything about if the deer smell it or not.

From: Don K
What bugs are you trying to keep away?

From: Lost Arra
Permethrin doesn't bother deer. I have found moving around in my stand pulling ticks off does bother deer.

From: Ermine
Work in mosquitoes?

From: mgmicky
It does have a slight odor but I’m with lost Arra. Better than swatting and picking off insects

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