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Range Yardage Markers
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Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo
Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo
Here is my newest version of yardage markers for our back yard lawn. Needed them to be inexpensive, semi-permanent and mow over them.

I used 4" drain pipe clean out covers and 10" landscaping nails. Outdoor numbers from Home Depot.

Yes, this is laughable so please share your ideas that the rest of us can copy. Was tired of using a range finder.


Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo
Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo

From: t-roy
Not laughable Frank!

Good idea!

From: jingalls
Very good idea!!!

From: Bowfreak
I just drive some heavy plastic conduit (I think it's 3") into the ground. It doubles as a quiver and yardage marker. Based on their location, mine don't have to be flush with the ground. I just weedeat around them about once a year.

From: Bowboy
I just use a landscaping 6x6 cement square. I make them flush with the ground. I don't have to worry about hitting them while mowing.

From: APauls
I'm the opposite. I prefer not to know the range. Unfortunately a guy gets used to his own yard over the course of time. Constantly try and mix it up to stay sharp though.

I go by the farmers fence post with the little cedar growing tight to it for 20, the ash tree for 30, just shy of the fire pit for 40 and the girls' swing set for 50. Just outside the French doors to the living room if im feeling froggy and wanna shoot 75..... ;^)

From: Junior
Good Idea! We used to shoot in front yard, no markers needed as 3 of us soon killed the grass. Mama didn't like that so now we shoot on the driveway and paint line the stones every couple years.

FYI, I just moved my range as one neighbor, rightfully so, thought the location was an eyesore.

I knew pretty much the different yardages, but have friends come over sometimes when I am not there. (We live in the country where it is legal to shoot.) They appreciate the markers.

I had 6"x12" blocks burried level, but when I moved the range I had to fill them in. Was looking this time for something easier. Thanks.

From: Errorhead
I'm kinda like stick n string, except we don't have ash trees here, I use a pine tree for 30.

From: Bou'bound
Great idea

From: BigOk
Snuff can lids and 16 penny nails.

I do not want to promote an obviously risky activity.

Just kidding! Good idea and even less expensive, which I like. Thanks.

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