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Need an early season coues cape
Whitetail Deer
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steff 04-Jun-18
Zackman 04-Jun-18
StickFlicker 04-Jun-18
molsonarcher 05-Jun-18
From: steff
So I get a call from my taxi, and he sends pics of my coues cape with 2 big slipped areas. Told him that it was in freezer within 3 hrs of killing it, so likely was still good when he got it. In any event, need a cape. Any recommendations?

From: Zackman
Damn Steff. I should have saved mine for you instead of giving it to the guys out there. You might want to check with them and see if they saved it for some reason instead of selling it off

From: StickFlicker
Archery Coues starts again in about 2.5 months in Arizona, so perhaps someone can save one for you. Where is your taxidermist located (if in AZ who is it)? I myself plan to draw the Arizona Strip for mule deer this year...but just in the very small chance that I don't get drawn, I'll probably hunt Coues.

From: molsonarcher
You can have mine Steff. It’s at the taxi now being prepped for tanning. It’s a January kill, but you can have it if you like.

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