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blue insulation board for targets
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BigOzzie 04-Jun-18
TD 04-Jun-18
trophyhill 04-Jun-18
EnDoB 04-Jun-18
kota-man 04-Jun-18
mountainman 04-Jun-18
Bou'bound 04-Jun-18
BigOzzie 05-Jun-18
Pyrannah 05-Jun-18
Z Barebow 05-Jun-18
Shiras 05-Jun-18
mountainman 06-Jun-18
SBH 06-Jun-18
APauls 06-Jun-18
From: BigOzzie
Just got several 2" blue boards, want to make some targets. Any opinions

I would also like to make some disks to shoot at what is the standard size for shooting disks? Or a best method of cutting it?

thanks. oz

From: TD
I tried to make a target out of the blue foam, cut it in 1' x 2' pieces and sandwiched them together with 2x6 and ready bolt. It's didn't work well...... stopped the arrows, but you couldn't get them out. I mean a couple I had to disassemble the target and cut the arrow out. I shoot a blob target now, sometimes getting arrows out takes some effort..... but it is nothing compared to that blue insulation. Tried everything from spraying the arrows with silicone to Pam spray. While it works OK with the blob.....nothing worked with the blue monster......

I never tried it, but making a disk may be interesting. When fixed in place the arrows blew right through it on the 2" section. Maybe hanging or rolling on the ground they might give more and stop arrows.

From: trophyhill
I used the pink rigid for a replacement vital on a 3d target a few years ago. Never again. The friction melted the insulation to the 3 arrows I shot.....

From: EnDoB
I had the same problem. Insulation stuck to the arrows.

From: kota-man
Agree...Not a good program as arrow removal is a mess. The old Buffalo Board works great for targets though. The disc thing MIGHT work as it will be with a single piece. I've cut lots of blue board with a circular saw, but do it outside as it is a mess.

From: mountainman
I used the pink stuff to build a target a few years ago. As the others have said, they can be very tough to get out. But, I bought some scorpion venom arrow lube and they pull right out. It's still my go to broadhead target.

From: Bou'bound
There are better mediums out there. Old carpet for one. Plastic wrap for another. Plain corrugated cardboard for a third

From: BigOzzie
Thanks guys oz

From: Pyrannah
I use Foam for broadheads only

Old clothes in a 2x6 wood box for field tips

From: Z Barebow
Same as Pyrannah

I only shoot BH's into foam. FP's are hard to remove.

From: Shiras
I use the pink stuff for my longbow with no problems at all. I suppose with the faster compounds it is a problem.

From: mountainman
Correct Shiras. Seems without lube, the speed and heat from compound shot arrows fuse the arrow to the material.

From: SBH
Blue foam won't work great but what you could do is this. Get a cardboard box that is the size you want your target to be. Leave one side open. Find a spray foam insulation company in town and go to a job where they are spraying a new house. Slip em $20 or some beer and have them fill your cardboard box with foam. These work great and last quiet a while. I have my insulator make me one every couple years and only shoot broad heads in them.

From: APauls
The foam is a broadhead only deal for me, but for that it works great. Seems like the extra cut from the blades is the difference maker as when you shoot fp's in them they are a PIA to remove. but broadheads are great. Once it starts getting pretty beat up, a field point isn't that bad any more.

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