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Importing a European mount into Europe
Whitetail Deer
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No Mercy 04-Jun-18
Halibutman 04-Jun-18
No Mercy 05-Jun-18
t-roy 05-Jun-18
From: No Mercy
I have some non-hunting friends from Poland that would like to know what procedures it entails to take home a Whitetail Deer euro mount that was gifted to them. Any ideas?

From: Halibutman
It's a heck of a lot more work and cost than you'd think. You will need a USDA taxidermist and an export agent. You'll have to write a letter of legal take, describing how, where and when the animal was killed and by whom. You'll also need an export broker/agent to file all the paperwork for you.

This process is ridiculous and slow as can be. I've exported several trophies to Poland. It's a tough exercise in patience.

From: No Mercy
Thanks Halibutman

HAHA Thanks Pat-this is a heavy metal band so I'm guessing they get checked enough as it is. LOL

From: t-roy
Tell them it’s just a prop for their stage show!?

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