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Unit 56 - Elk (Resident)
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amangione 06-Jun-18
Scoot 06-Jun-18
Ucsdryder 06-Jun-18
HDE 06-Jun-18
ohiohunter 06-Jun-18
Firsty 06-Jun-18
amangione 07-Jun-18
bugslinger 07-Jun-18
midwest 08-Jun-18
Z Barebow 08-Jun-18
From: amangione
I drew unit 56 and I am looking for some insight (not necessarily a honey hole). I have done my fair share of research and chose this unit because of the low hunter density. Any advice would help, as I continue my summer scouting.

From: Scoot
Good luck on your hunt. I know you're not necessarily looking for one, but a honey adds a lot to a guy's life...

From: Ucsdryder
I took a honey hunting with me. Some memories I’ve never had before. It was fun.

From: HDE
Unit 56 where...?

From: ohiohunter
Unit 56 RESIDENT....

From: Firsty
Unit 56 is an underrated unit , neighbor hunts it and does very well.

From: amangione
Well I guess that's what I get for not reviewing my post haha

From: bugslinger
Firsty - I'm not sure if that's a joke or you don't like your neighbor, but 56 is not that great.

From: midwest
I found a honey hole once. Unfortunately, she shared it with everybody!

From: Z Barebow
Nick- Not much of an adventure to "Boldly go where everyman has gone before!" LOL! That is not a honey hole, that is a landmark.

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