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Over-spined arrows for youth bow
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IdyllwildArcher 07-Jun-18
I just got a second bow for my second daughter yesterday - same bow as my older dauther: Mission Menace II.

I set the last one up no problem. My theory is that on such a low draw wt (15ish lbs), that a super over-spined arrow just takes spine/arrow paradox out of the equation. I'm using my arrows that have been broken near the tip over the years and thus are really stiff for her bow. I just cut them down to their size and put in a new insert.

It worked great for my oldest daughter's bow. I've even bumped up her DL and DW twice and retuning was a snap by just adjusting the rest. Her arrows fly true and BHs and FPs hit together (she mostly shoots 10-20 yards). Nonetheless, it seemed that all I had to do was make a few adjustments, teach her some form, and she naturally was shooting lights out at 20 yards with very little literally day 3.

But I had the hardest time with my second daughter's new bow. I really don't want to strip fletchings off of arrows and set up to paper tune and all that. It took me all day and it's pretty close, but not perfect and having a new shooter is also a challenge.

Now my biggest challenge is getting her form right. Her form is great if I lengthen the DL to the point that her draw hand is not anchored anywhere, but the string is on her cheek. Any shorter and I'm having a hard time getting her peep to be in a spot that she's contorting her body to see the pins through it. Unfortunately, the bow only is adjustable for 1 inch DL increments and I feel that she's on the 1/2 inch.

So what do you guys think? Am I crazy about the super-over-spined arrows? And what about her draw hand floating in space and using just the string on her cheek as an anchor? She seems to be shooting ok so far...

From: GLP
x-man is probably the best to answer this. But I had same thing with my granddaughter on her anchor. So I just let her shoot how she was comfortable. Kids seem to age in archery at different rates. And we need to keep it fun. And I am sure you know that. Personally I think the arrows are not a big problem at this point. Enjoy your time with your family! Greg

Ike can you decrease the draw length and then play with d loop length?

From: smarba
Have the older daughter try shooting the second bow at the low draw weight to see if it's technique instead of the bow/arrow combination?

Others will probably have better recommendations, but I don't think your "super stiff" arrow is the problem. Plus by the time your 2nd daughter is ready for BH it is likely she'll have increased draw weight and perhaps draw length which should help get close to the same setup you successfully have set up for your 1st daughter.

From: x-man
Spine shouldn't be an issue.

I can't help but wonder if she is cross-eye dominant. My daughter had similar results. She is right-handed, left eye dominant. She had a hard time getting the string on her nose at first.

I would check for eye dominance, and work on form before trying to tune anything. Get her grouping well and consistent. Then you can tune it better and sight it in.

Good idea x-man.

I checked. Right handed, right eye dominant. We'll shoot again today and I'll report back.

From: Bowfreak

Check to make sure she is keeping her front shoulder down and not scrunching up to see through her peep. Also, teach her shoot with a straight arm but not hyper extended. I wouldn't worry too much about her form initially as in the early stages it is hard for kids to have repetitive form. Some people don't like to post pictures of their kids but if you are alright with that, post a pic of her at full draw.

This damn bow is frustrating the Hell out of me. We went out and shot and I forgot to take a picture till she was worn out and her posture was bad so we just came in.

The only way I can keep the backs of the arrows from kicking left, was to lower her nocking point and move the rest right. The arrow is contacting something. I can't figure it out. The arrows hit left no matter what. It's almost uncanny. I move her sight 2 inches to the left and she hits left of where she's aiming with consistent groups. I move her sight 2 inches back to the right, she still hits in the same spot.

I can't tune this bow myself because the DL is 9 inches shorter than mine and I cant hold the bow and get consistent results. I've completely started over with nocking point, rest, and I just cant get it. I'm so frustrated that it came from the proshop this bad. I knew I was in trouble when the kid setting it up said this was his first year bowhunting and I saw him adjust the nocking point while she was shooting. I just figured It'd tune right up like my older daughter's did.

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