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What to waterproof canvas tent
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Starfire 07-Jun-18
Butternut40 07-Jun-18
Tilzbow 07-Jun-18
Scar Finga 07-Jun-18
Jaquomo 07-Jun-18
BOWNUT 07-Jun-18
Kodiak 07-Jun-18
From: Starfire
I'm going to use a canvas tent for my hunting this year. What is a good water proofing product to seal it with. I want to stay away from the Teflon based products.

From: Butternut40

Butternut40's embedded Photo
Butternut40's embedded Photo
First time out camping with my Kodiak Canvas I had the campground owners dog pee on my tent. Before I could do or say anything the owner of the campground came back and cleaned my tent with a bleach cleaner. Dang. So I called Kodiak canvas and they suggested a Kiwi product. It worked like a charm. No leakage after treatment.

From: Tilzbow
Canvak is a treatment especially for canvas and it comes in gallon jugs. I’ve used it and it works great. A quick internet search will show you where to get it.

From: Scar Finga
You need to be careful what you treat with, not all canvas is treated the same. If you know the manufacturer, I would contact them and see what they recommend. I use the Kiwi product above, but I don't believe it is compatible with all types of canvas.

good Luck and have a great day!

From: Jaquomo
Another vote for Canvak. Used a pump weed sprayer and it worked well.

I use the Kiwi on my Kodiak no leaks yet.

From: Kodiak
I've got a Montana Canvas wall tent and don't use whatever it is they use. Any dirt that touches it will literally be there forever. No it doesn't leak, but it looks like crap.

I'm guessing they treat it with Canvak?

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