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Ya just never know.....
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From: PapaSmurf
The fastest bow? The best broadhead? The right setup? Can you shoot this with that?

How much time you have?

January 2016, at the age of 42, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after my family found me laying in blood, passed out, in the bathroom. Two days later, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Cancer. After multiple surgeries, complications, multiple extended hospital stays, my Stage 1 turned out to be an aggressive Stage 3. I nearly saw the end of it all a couple of times.

Now, I’m 45, in remission Praise the Lord, have a permanent colostomy bag, working, and continuing to slowly get back to the shape I used to be in.

I said all that to say “Live, Laugh, Love” I know to some that is that corny saying that our wives are pasting on the walls because that is what they keep seeing out shopping. But, you might want to take a second, read it, reflect on it, and live by it.

I can go on and on how we can be better husbands, dads, friends, co-workers, archers.

Whatever bow you shoot, whatever “setup”, whatever methods, live it. Put your work into it. Put your time into it.

And laugh. Bad shooting session? That’s ok. Miss an opportunity in the field? That’s ok. Learn to laugh. There is always somebody that would rather have your problems that their own.

Love. Love your brother. Love your fellow archer. Love the hunt. Love all.

Ya never know........

From: nvgoat
100% agree . Ya never know.

Well said sir and always a timely message.

As much as we fight taking things for granted we constantly fall victim to it. In some respects and for many (including me) living the other way is a constant task but so worth it.

I’m “a work in progress” for sure but slowly making progress:). The flight of the arrow is such a blessing! Peace to all.

So true. Tomorrow is never a given. Certainly plan for tomorrow, but not at the expense of enjoying today.

Fantastic post. Thanks

From: Rock
Very well stated and something we all need to keep in mind. Have had a few friends that did not make it thru their health issues recently and it really make you understand that our time is limited.

From: otcWill
Good stuff. I love you Bowsiters!

From: Brotsky
Very well said papa! Live every day like it could be your last!

Thanks. Just lost a family member so this is great timing.

Hope and pray your health continues to improve sir!

From: M.Pauls
Great post. So glad to hear your outcome. Truth is we all have numbered days left. Lighten up and make em count

From: Dyjack
Well said. Thank you for posting this.

From: Ogoki
Glad you are on " the mend" as my late Grandmother use to say.

I have 4 friends ( all in their 60's) are all about who shoots the biggest buck for the year, who catches the most fish etc etc etc .

Made my mind up last summer ,after the harassment they have me over my wife shooting a bigger bear then me, that from then on, only my wife and I will know about our hunts or what we shoot. Last fall i got the biggest buck of the group and didn't tell a sole. I am not into "their" competition anymore. I hunt for me and enjoy it much better this way. By the way , this year my wife got a 245 lb bear and I didn't see one that I wanted to loose an arrow on. That is ok with us . We had fun.

From: Mark Watkins
Nicely said Papa!

Glad to hear you're doing well!

Thanks for posting.


From: jstephens61
Truer words have never been spoken. I would add, take the time. In the last 30 days, I’ve watched 2 friends buried, 1 was a suicide the other was a OD. I had the opportunity a week before each to stop and talk with them, but I was too busy. I don’t know if it would have made a difference, but I’ll never know. The time it would have taken to stop and say Hey would have been a whole lot less than the time spent at visitations and funerals. Take the time, you never know what difference it might make. God bless.

From: PapaSmurf
Amen! Live, Laugh, Love

We put so much effort into the scout, into the practice....... (what can we say, we LOVE it)

Love life! Match that effort into everything!

From: BigOk
Very well said!!!!

From: scentman
Great post Papa smurf, i totally get what you are saying... unfortunately you could tell some till your blue in the face, and they still wont get it. scentman :o)

From: drycreek
Well stated Papa, well stated ! It's definitely something most of us need to cogitate on. You know, the nature of humans is to want more, better, newer, longer lasting, etc., etc. We would do well to take stock of what we have, and be satisfied with less. I don't mean to not try to improve your lot in life, especially relationships with family and friends, but rather in material things or social position. Whoever said the best things in life are free......was partly wrong ! The best things in life are your family, your friends, your health and well being, and they all require some effort on your part. That said, I'm glad to see your health is improving, because without that, the other things won't matter much. Here's to your continued improvement !

From: PapaSmurf
Thank you all for some awesome responses

From: 12yards
That truth has been slammed into our faces here recently. Glad you are recovering Papa! God Bless!

From: Bowboy
Very well said. You have a positive attitude which always helps when things happen.

From: Rut Nut
Well said! AND very timely, since we all lost a brother here the other day!

From: bighorn
Well said I know what your saying. There's never a bad day some are just better. LOVE LIFE IS RIGHT YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR NUMBER COMES UP!

From: scentman
Ok, blue in the face... i thought it was funny.

From: Hawkeye
Great post and God bless. Your message is so very true:)

From: Inshart
Yes, we all need a little laughter - scentman, now that was funny, no matter who you are.

Thank you PapaSmurf for reminding me just how blessed I am. Take care and God Bless brother.

From: fastflight
Papasmurf, such a great post. I came on bowsite upset about trivial things tonight. Your post had me back on track being thankful for everything that is so great in my life. Then scentman has me crying with laughter from the blue in your face comment. Crazy how fast my mood has changed. I love bowsite!!

From: bentshaft
Thanks for sharing.

From: Buffalo1
Great comments. Thank you for sharing. We aren't guaranteed tomorrow and we can't change yesterday. Live for the day !

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