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day pack recommendations
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From: dgb
I'm thinking about buying a new day pack. Any recommendations for something that can handle rain gear, food, water, an extra jacket, and incidentals? Thanks much!

Mystery ranch Mule Stone glacier avail

From: longsprings
Badlands2200 have used it on numerous hunts well made and very useful

From: Ucsdryder
Need more info. To hike into your tree stand? To go miles in elk country?

I take my kifaru because I don’t want to waste a trip to go get my meat hauling pack. When you’re 3 plus miles from the truck that extra trip sucks! And to be honest my kifaru is more comfortable than anything I’ve tried so why would I want a 100 dollar fanny pack when I have a 500 dollar pack in the truck?

From: Bowboy
I'd recommend Stoneglacier.

Hunting where packing meat isn't necessary, it don't take a lot of money or an over priced brand name. If Packing meat is necessary, I prefer Kifaru. Good luck and God Bless

From: dgb
Thanks guys!

From: Whocares
Tenzing 2220 and Badlands Superday both good. I prefer the Tenzing.

From: wild1
For just a daypack, and not hauling meat, I prefer the Badlands SuperDay pack - try one on!

From: WYelkhunter
it depends. What are you hunting? What style of hunting?

From: YZF-88
I really like the Eberlestock X2 for a daypack. Just the right size. If you're in a bind and absolutely need to haul meat one load one way, it'll handle it. I packed a boned in rear elk quarter...once.

From: JTreeman
For me I really kinda love my Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer, but alas it isn’t made anymore. However they have some other good looking options. I also really liked my badlands Diablo, few minor whines aside, good pack IMO, still own it. For white tail treestand hunting I like my Sitka tool bucket, but consider it pretty much a treestand pack, not an all round “day pack”.

Really if not considering meat or stand hauling in the equation here are SOOOOOOO many good options these days, pick one you like and go with it.


From: bbates
Sitka Apex is really nice

Won’t haul meat but a perfect archery day or stand pack.

From: HDE
What YZF-88 said.

From: Glunt@work
I have had quite a few over the years and for me a big fanny pack works better. I use the Badlands Monster fanny pack with shoulder straps. Lunch, Space Rain & gear inside, outer layer rolled up tight and strapped on when not needed.

When carrying a small backpack, I use the Eberlestock X1E. It has a rifle (tripod, fishing rod,etc) scabbard and can haul out a first load of meat.

Amazing how many great pack options there are these days. I grew up hunting the mountains with whatever fit in my BDU pockets.

From: Bowmania
I have a Mystery ranch Metcalf. If the material is the same on a day pack don't get it. Very noisy.


Whitetail day hunts...diable dos or 2200. Western day hunts Sacrifice LS or 2200

From: Dyjack
Badlands 2200 is a solid pack for sure. I use it for all my hiking.

From: Barty1970

Barty1970's embedded Photo
Barty1970's embedded Photo
This is my Kifaru EMR II sucked down for day mode; you may wish you had a bigger pack, but I doubt you'll wish you had a smaller pack

From: LINK
I’m with Barty. Daypack to 10 days my Kifaru Reckoning is a keeper. More than enough room but im packing meat any minute and want to do it in style and comfort without going back to the truck for a meat hauler.

From: Scoot
Even though WV Mountainboy is a classless D (haha inside joke to some-- actually he's a good and forgiving fella!) my thinking is the same as his on this one.

When there's weight to pack kifaru (and a few others) is the answer. When not hauling much it doesn't matter much.

From: South Farm
I've been using the same Cabela's Whitetail Day Pack for over 20 years and love it! Just the right size, quiet, and couldn't beat the price...which was probably less than half what they're getting for 'em these days.

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Although I recommend the X2 as a great day pack only, it does collect dust now and I use a Kifaru Mountain Warrior exclusively. Breaks down to a day pack great...and is my preferred pack for camp and meat as well. I really needed functional load lifters. If not, I'd still be using the X2 more.

From: splitlimb13

splitlimb13's Link
This is the new addition! Love these new packs!

You asked about a day pack, but did not say much else,,,,, If your not packing meat, I have one from Wal Mart, that also allows a bow to be strapped on and bought it in the off season for 27.00...................... all the zippers and buckles etc, have held up well, and can do all that I need,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am also a fan of the sand piper pack mule, which I can attach my day pack too....................

Sure I have expensive packs, but for a day pack, I like this one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 other money packs, I have since sold

Daypack? That would be the Sitka Apex. Everything must match:)

From: wapiti1
Badlands Super day pck. Tough to beat I wore the leather bottom out (holes) and sent it in. They repaired and sent back with new bottom N/C on lifetime warranty.

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