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Osceola land access
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DrLongbeard 09-Jun-18
pav 09-Jun-18
hitmanatgym 09-Jun-18
writer 09-Jun-18
longbeard 09-Jun-18
bbates 09-Jun-18
writer 18-Jun-18
Huntcell 18-Jun-18
lewis 18-Jun-18
bigswivle 18-Jun-18
Moben 18-Jun-18
longsprings 13-Sep-18
From: DrLongbeard
This may be a pipe dream but...Is it doable to hunt Osceola without paying through the nose for an outfitter? It looks like I could nearly go hunt elk somewhere for about what it costs to do a guided Osceola hunt these days. I'd prefer to do it on my own but coming from Minnesota, Florida is an even longer drive if going without an outfitter is a waste of time. Is there even reasonable access to public land down there?

From: pav
Been a LONG time since I hunted Osceolas, but years ago non-residents could apply for limited entry tags on several WMA's (Wildlife Management Areas). Killed my Osceola on a WMA near Orlando....named Half Moon. The application period was the prior December I believe. Again, it has been awhile....

From: hitmanatgym
P. M Sent

From: writer
Years ago had some Floridians offer to trade an Osceola hunt in private ground for a good Osceola hunt on the same.

From: longbeard
I’m actually curious about this topic also. I’ve been thinking about an Osceola for years. Would love to pay a trespass fee but not a mortgage.

From: bbates
I would put in a get a tag for a wildlife management area. This can take time too might not draw year 1.

Then Try and contact landowners about access. Most counties have great gis maps

So you have options.

I feel the going rate to pay or offer is $400-700 per bird

From: writer
Man, I botched that. Guys in Florida wanted to trade for a Kansas bowhunt for deer, both on good, private properties.

From: Huntcell
At least no one jumped all over it, cut ya little slack for once.

From: lewis
Big Cypress National Preserve holds a decent number of true Osceolas big area and you will need to do a lot of homework Good luck Lewis

From: bigswivle
Fort Drum WMA is a good turkey spot. I hunt the private right next to it. It's walk in only I believe, so u can get away from people. Private land access is hard without an outfitter or someone you know that has permission. Good luck

From: Moben
I think Ft Drum is a special opportunity draw hunt. Apply in November

From: longsprings
Lake Istapoga if you have a boat or even if you dont, there is surely lots of public access. The boat gets you away from all the other foot traffic.

During the week you can acess a lot of land in a very ural area. Very doable

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