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Fetching quickspins
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From: Firsty
Hey guys I've been shooting the Nap quickspin quickfletch last few years. I would like to start fletching them the "real" way with a jig. Never done this before anyone know what would be a good jig for this? It says you are supposed to fletch then with no helical but offset? Any help would be great.

From: Pyrannah
not sure what vanes you are using but I have a blitzenberger that seems to fletch anything really well.. I always use a helical but I do not shoot anything under 3” vanes

Hope this helps some

Good luck man!

From: TXCazador
I have never fletched QS, I use Blazers. I use a Bitzenburger, straight clamp, w/offset. One thing I am religious about is cleaning the shaft, as well as the fletching base with a quick wipe of Aceton.

Blazers in a helical Bitz for 5 years, no problems.

That is the only jig I have. GL.

From: nvgoat
I have been using quikspin vanes since they came out. I use an Arizona easy fletch with straight clamps. Don't use the mini which is helical and designed for Blazer type vanes.

Recently changed back to acetone prep on both arrow shaft and vane and then use Bohning NPV glue. I don't like the cyanoacrylate glues as they are too brittle.

From: Olink
Been fletching Quikspins for years with a Bitzenburger jig/strait clamp. Never a problem. I use a very slight offset, but really no offset is needed with the Quikspins.

I own a Bitzenburger and have used it for years for vanes and feathers. For Blazers I use the Arizona Easy Fletch with helical. Works great for me quick and easy.

I have been shooting 4 inch quickspins for years. I fletch them on a bitzenburger with heavy right helical. You can only fletch them straight or with a right helical per their directions, left won't work. Good luck. I also use Gold tip "tip grip" as the adhesive.

From: Ambush
I tried QuickSpins for a short time. Expensive and noisier than others. You only want as much spin as is necessary to stabilize the particular broadhead you are shooting. More spin than required is just robbing down range velocity. If you can achieve that with less cost and less noise, then that seems the way to go, to me.

After shooting Blazers for years, I now use a low profile four fletch in a 60/120 configuration.

From: Buffalo1
I've used Bitz jigs for years. The can handle any fletching job and offer the most versatility.

I am also very fond of the Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig for 3-fletch, RH Twist. Very solid tool and fast to fletch an arrow.

I've used 2" Blazers for years with great success.

From: Firsty
Thanks for suggestions guys I'm gonna give it a whirl!

From: 12yards
I've always heard no helical with QS vanes. Straight or offset only.

From: DMC65
Put a call in to Bill at bitzenburger machine and tool. 517-627-8433 He will answer any questions you have. Awesome man and a very good bowhunter.

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